The North Calgary Water Servicing Strategy (NCWSS) project strengthens The City’s ability to deliver drinking water to North Calgary by adding over 10 kilometres of new feedermain to the current water transmission system.

This project involves installation by a tunnel under Nose Hill Park, a microtunnel, and open trench excavation. A pump station will also be constructed.

What is a feedermain

Feedermains supply water to pump stations and reservoirs, which provide servicing to residents. The NCWSS feedermain will convey water from the reservoir located at Edgemont Drive N.W. to the reservoir located at Panorama Hills Boulevard N.W.

The design of this feedermain will reduce the need for pumping, resulting in potential operational benefits, as well as reduction in environmental impacts.

Route alignment

The route alignment for this project was selected using a City evaluation process that considers  economic, environmental and social impacts of capital projects.

This process, known as the Triple Bottom Line (TBL) approach, is The City’s standard guide to decision-making. 

Project timeline

Tendering and construction have been deferred.

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