Woodlands Woodbine Community Drainage Improvements

The City's Community Drainage Improvements Program works to reduce overland flooding in areas throughout Calgary.

We completed drainage studies to identify solutions for communities frequently hit by flooding due to extreme rainfall. Solutions include adding storm drainage pipes, increasing the size of pipes, and adding wet or dry storm ponds to manage stormwater.

In recent years, Woodlands, Woodbine, Cedarbrae and Braeside have experienced an unusually high number of high volume rainfall events.

These communities have a storm level service of a one-in-five year rainfall event or less, which was the standard when these communities were first built. That means that there is now a 20 percent chance (or greater) the storm system will not handle yearly rainfall events causing local flooding.

Drainage improvements for these communities target a 1-in-50 year level of service. Once upgrades are in place, there will be a two percent chance in any given year that rain events would overwhelm the storm system.

Construction updates

During heavy rain events, storm sewers may become overloaded resulting in backups into basements and sewer overflows. Inlet control devices are being installed to address surcharge problems by restricting the amount of stormwater entering catch basins. Inlet control devices are designed to slow the flow of stormwater, allowing temporary storage of water in catch basins or above ground.

Construction timeline

Construction begins in early May 2022 and will continue through the spring and summer. There will be ‘No Parking’ signs placed adjacent to where work is being done. 

Braeside dry pond

The City of Calgary installed a new dry pond in the fields located east of the John Ware and St. Benedict schools​. This dry pond will greatly reduce flooding during heavy rain events, specifically the flooding that occurs at the intersection of Southland Drive S.W. and Braeside Drive S.W.

Bebo Grove Storm Pond

A new storm pond was constructed in the Bebo Grove day use area of Fish Creek Provincial Park. The pond is a hybrid wet pond-wetland where wetland water levels will vary with the seasons and amount of rainfall. A new asphalt trail has been constructed around the south perimeter of the pond to connect with existing trails in Fish Creek.

Bebo Grove Storm Pond renderings  

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