City Assessor

What does the Director/City Assessor do? 

The Director/City Assessor is appointed by the City Manager. The Director/City Assessor:
  • is The City of Calgary's designated officer responsible for carrying out all property and business assessment functions within the Calgary municipality;
  • is responsible for conducting all duties in accordance with provincial legislation (primarily the Municipal Government Act), Council bylaws and policy, and professional requirements;
  • leads a highly professional, trained and dedicated team of Assessment business unit staff;
  • has the responsibility of ensuring that each property assessment roll meets quality standards through a thorough provincial audit process.

 The Director/City Assessor ensures:

  • primary customers (individual assessed persons and taxpayers), receive assessments that are fair and equitable, and they are treated and served in the same manner as all other assessed persons and taxpayers. 
  • The City of Calgary and the Alberta Government can rely on the property for their municipal taxation financing purposes.

The Director/City Assessor also performs senior management functions and is accountable to the General Manager of the Chief Financial Office department​.

Edwin Lee is the Acting Director/City Assessor.

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