New Home Warranty program

New Home Warranty

A Government of Alberta program

Homeowners who purchase new homes or undertake some renovation work have warranty coverage under Alberta’s New Home Buyer Protection Act. This is a legal requirement by the Government of Alberta. The home builder selects the warranty provider and the homeowner is responsible for reading and understanding its terms and conditions. We recommend reviewing both the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act and your home warranty insurance contract.

Knowing your rights and obligations under the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act and Regulations will help you take appropriate steps if you believe there is a defect that may require a claim. Homeowners who undertake any work prior to contacting their warranty provider may void their warranty. It is best to contact your provider as soon as problems arise. The only steps you should take on your own would be to address an urgent situation, such as shutting off the water if you have a water leak. Then call your warranty provider immediately.

The Act also applies to homeowners who are building their own home (also called owner-builders). There are additional requirements if you are building your own home. See the Act and Re​gulations​ for details.

Questions about the Act or the Regulations can be directed to the Government of Alberta.

Warranty coverage

Minimum coverage provided under the Government of Alberta New Home Warranty program:

  • One year - labour and materials
  • Two years - defects in labour and materials related to delivery and distribution systems
  • Five years – exterior building envelope
  • Ten years - major structural components

Understanding your coverage

Review these important excerpts from the Alberta New Home Buyer Protection Act and the Home Warranty Insurance Regulation to help understand your warranty coverage.

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