Real Estate & Development Services


  1. Who is heading up this project?
  2. Why a business park for this area?
  3. What will the business campus look like?
  4. How will local traffic be impacted?
  5. What public transportation will be available?
  6. What types of uses will this business park have?

Who is heading up this project?

This is a City of Calgary initiative being led by Real Estate & Development Services​ ​(RE&DS).

Why a business park for this area?

The property is located within the Airport Vicinity Protection Area (AVPA) regulation, which prohibits residential development but allows for employment uses. The site was designated as an employee intensive node—or suburban employment centre—to support The City of Calgary’s 2009  Municipal Development Plan (MDP).

The MDP includes policies that help shape how Calgary will grow over the next 30-60 years with an anticipated population growth of 1.3 million. Part of the solution is to reduce traffic to the city core by increasing employment opportunities closer to suburban residential areas.

By encouraging business development outside the city centre, we are able to:

• expand our office, commercial and light industrial base,
• ensure new projects bring jobs to Calgarians,
• increase the tax base to build infrastructure like roads and water, and
• reduce pressure on residential property taxpayers to fund City services.

The increased revenue helps maintain the quality of City services (Build Calgary ​initiative).

What will Aurora Business Park look like?

City Council's vision for the Aurora Business Park emphasizes a high quality architectural and sustainable environment within a campus-like setting.

Of the 329 gross acres of land, approximately 110 acres is dedicated to green space.

To get an idea of the quality of buildings and the settings envisioned for the new development, refer to images on this documentVision: Images of Similar Parks.

How will local traffic be impacted?

A Traffic Impact Analysis for the Aurora Business Park was approved 2005. As the project progresses, The City's Transportation Planning Development Services group will provide input to each additional phase of development.

What public transportation will be available?

Aurora Business Park is currently served by two Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Routes (301 & 300).

The planned Green Line North transit line will service north-central Calgary with a station located adjacent to the Aurora Business Park.

Station locations for Green Line North are to be finalized in 2016.

What types of uses are proposed for the business park?

Approved uses within Aurora Business Park include:
• business offices
• retail space
•  hotel
•  research facilities
•  packaging
•  light, clean industrial facilities​