The Pro Shop - Southland Leisure Centre

The Pro Shop

Our Pro Shop is in the lobby of Southland Leisure Centre. We sell swimsuits for all ages and rent equipment for a number of sports.

This feature is currently closed. Rentals can be done at the front desk.

Equipment rentals

All items, except tubes, require ID to be left as collateral when renting equipment. Racquetball, squash balls, and badminton birdies will be included in the rental but must be returned with raquets.

  • Tube rentals - $6
  • Badminton racquet and birdie- $5
  • Raquetball/squash raquet and ball - $7
  • Court goggles - $7
  • Skate rental - $7
  • Helmet rentals - $6
  • Basketball rental - $4
  • Pickleball racquet and ball - $5


Items for sale

  • Swim wear for ages 3 months up to adult
  • Swim diapers and Gerber plastic pants
  • Swim accessories such as goggles, caps, and waterwings
  • Hockey tape, laces, etc.


Skate sharpening

Currently unavailable

​We have skate sharpening available at the Pro Shop. We use a Blackstone Stealth skate sharpening machine. The Flat Bottom V is an evolution of the traditional method of sharpening skates. Ask us about the different edges we can put on your skates