Barlow Trail and 7 Avenue N.E. pedestrian crossing

Project overview

The City of Calgary is constructing a pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Barlow Trail and 7 Avenue N.E. Construction is expected to begin in summer 2022.

The addition of this walking and wheeling connection between Mayland Heights and Meridian Franklin Industrial will help to improve pedestrian safety. It will provide a convenient route for community members to access:

  • services
  • workplaces
  • recreation
  • places to shop and gather

It will also connect to the new multi-use pathway on the east side of Barlow Trail along Meridian Road, which was built as part of the Barlow Trail Reconstruction Project in 2021. 

Project area

Project background

As part of the Barlow Trail N.E. Reconstruction project, The City reviewed options for the possibility of building a pedestrian crossing at 7 Avenue and Barlow Trail N.E. This crossing would provide an additional connection from Mayland Heights to the Meridian-Franklin Industrial area and the new pathway along Meridian Road. 

The City completed a design based on community infrastructure needs, public feedback and other technical factors. 

The pathway was not built as part of the Barlow Trail project, however underground infrastructure for traffic signals at the crossing was pre-installed. This will reduce current project costs and impacts to traffic and infrastructure.

Frequently Asked Questions

General information

Why is this crossing being built?

The addition of this crossing for pedestrians and cyclists provides a convenient connection for community members between Mayland Heights and Meridian Franklin Industrial. It is also linked to the new multi-use pathway on the east side of Barlow Trail along Meridian Road.

Pedestrians have been seen jumping over the existing sound wall and jaywalking across Barlow Trail when there is a break in traffic. This is a major safety risk for pedestrians and vehicles travelling on Barlow Trail. A new controlled crossing at 7 Avenue would help with this safety issue. 

How was the location of the crossing entrance into Mayland Heights chosen?

The location of the crossing entrance into Mayland Heights has been chosen based on proximity to the 7 Avenue N.E. signalized intersection, Maunsell Close N.E. and adjacent sidewalks. The location will also minimize impacts to mature trees. 

Is this crossing part of the 5A network?

While not officially part of the 5A Network, the crossing will support the intention of the Always Available for All Ages and Abilities (5A) Network.

The 5A Network was approved by Council in February 2021. It will create more community connections and welcome a variety of users across the city.

Is the crossing linked with the Unite the Heights – 8 Avenue N Functional Planning Study?

The crossing will complement the Unite the Heights Functional Planning Study’s goals. These are to provide and improve safe, direct and accessible active modes connections in the area. The crossing will provide active modes link between the communities.

  • West: Crescent Heights, Bridgeland, Renfrew, and Mayland Heights
  • East: Meridian, Franklin, and Marlborough

And will also provide a key connection for active modes users along 8 Avenue N. to the new pathway along the east side of Barlow Trail N.E. This will improve connections on the active modes network throughout the region. 


Will trees be impacted as part of the installation of the crossing?

The location of the crossing will minimize impacts to mature trees.

There are no plans to remove trees. However, if the roots extend too far into the construction area, they may need to be removed.

Will the concrete wall be replaced or improved as part of this future work?

An opening will be made in the existing concrete wall for the pathway. An additional new wall will be built adjacent to the opening to reduce noise and vehicle visibility.

Other than the opening for the pathway, both the existing concrete wall and wooden wall will remain in place.

Project timeline

  • Finalize design: Spring/summer 2022
  • Construction: Summer to fall 2022

Construction activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines could change due to inclement weather, underground conditions and/or other unexpected circumstances.

Contact us

If you have questions about the project, please contact 311.

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