Bike lane resurfacing projects

Downtown and Inglewood

Construction update – November 25, 2021

Crews have finished remaining construction activities, and the project is now complete as scheduled.

All traffic and bike lanes within the project areas on 8 Avenue S.W., 7 Street S.W. and 9 Avenue S.E. are fully open and available for public use.

Improvements completed as part of this project include:

  • Milling and paving of the roadways from curb to curb, including the existing bike lanes, to help maintain and improve the condition of these well-used routes
  • Addition of permanent concrete curbs along the bike lanes on 8 Avenue S.W. from 5 to 8 Street S.W. for improved safety
  • Addition of a sidewalk on the south side of 8 Avenue S.W. from 8 to 10 Street S.W. for improved pedestrian access

Remaining signage in the 8 Avenue S.W. project area will be installed over the coming week.

We thank you for your patience throughout construction.

Completed top lift paving and lane markings on 7 Street S.W. near 4 Avenue S.W.

Project overview

The City is resurfacing three existing bike lanes in the Downtown and Inglewood communities, including:

  • 8 Avenue S.W. from 5 Street to 10 Street (Downtown)
  • 7 Street S.W. from 3 Avenue to 7 Avenue (Downtown)
  • 9 Avenue S.E. from 15 Street to 20 Street (Inglewood)

Additional upgrades for improved safety and accessibility, such as pedestrian enhancements and the installation of permanent concrete curbs in the 8 Avenue S.W. project area from 5 to 8 Street S.W., will also be completed.

This project will help to ensure the bike lane network remains in good condition and will allow cyclists to continue to have a smooth ride along these well-used routes.

Project scope and details

The project will include:

All project areas

  • Milling and paving of the roadway from curb to curb, including the existing bike lanes
  • Painting new pavement markings for traffic and bike lanes

8 Avenue S.W. from 5 to 10 Street S.W.

  • Removal of precast curbs and installation of permanent concrete curbs along the bike lanes on the north and south sides of the street from 5 to 8 Street S.W.
  • Addition of sidewalk on the south side of 8 Avenue S.W. from 8 to 10 Street S.W.

7 Street S.W. from 3 Avenue to 7 Avenue S.W.

  • Existing concrete medians will remain

9 Avenue S.E. from 15 Street to 20 Street S.E.

  • Removal and re-installation of existing bike lane delineators

Business access

Access to area businesses and services will remain open through construction.

Phased, short-term lane closures may be required for the safety of travellers and workers in the construction area. When possible, these closures will be scheduled during non-peak hours to limit impacts.

Access to parking lots and parkades will be maintained, however short-term, temporary on-street parking restrictions may be in place in work areas.

Information and updates will be shared on this page throughout construction.


Funding for this project has been provided through the Government of Alberta’s Municipal Stimulus Program (MSP).

Project timeline

  • Finalize engineering design: Spring 2021
  • Tender and award contract: Summer 2021
  • Begin construction: Summer 2021
  • Construction complete: Fall 2021

Please note: Construction activities are dependent on several factors. Timelines could change due to inclement weather, underground conditions and/or other unexpected circumstances. Schedule updates will be provided regularly.


$2.1 million

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