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The City will begin a 2-year pilot in April, 2022 requiring a site licence to install pageantry lighting on City-owned Street light poles. A pageantry lighting site licence will allow Business Improvement Areas to access electricity and place seasonal lighting on City Street Lighting infrastructure.

Please note that The City will only grant site licences for Pageantry lighting to Business Improvement Areas (BIA).

The installation of pageantry lighting must be approved by The City of Calgary. Pageantry lighting will generally stay up for a period of two to four months per site licence. Each application will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis. For detailed information on installation requirements, sanctioned and restricted streetlights, please view the Pageantry Lighting Guidelines.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted a minimum of six months prior to the desired installation date, and may be submitted up to eight months in advance.

The application must include:

  • A five hundred dollars ($500) application fee + a fifteen per cent (15%) administrative fee + GST
  • Request on letterhead, indicating that the applicant is a City of Calgary Business Improvement Area (BIA).
  • In the letter, a description of pole locations and pageantry lighting you are requesting permission to install.
    • A maximum of 250 poles may be included in a single site license and must be located within the defined BIA area.
  • The City of Calgary Street Lighting Team will conduct a technical analysis to determine the feasibility of the proposal
  • Street Lighting Team will respond to the BIA notifying them if the proposal is feasible or not
  • If it is feasible, the Street Lighting Team will grant approval to the BIA to move forward with hiring a prequalified street light consultant/contractor for the design/construction of the pageantry lighting.

Pageantry lighting applications are accepted via email at:

Site licence costs

  • One time application fee of $500 (plus 15% Administration cost and GST)
  • Annual site licence fee of $500 (plus 15% Administration cost and GST)
  • Analysis/Design/Implementation costs (to be determined by Prequalified Street Light consultant)


  • One time application fee of $500 (plus 15% Administration cost and GST)
  • Annual site licence fee of $500 (plus 15% Administration cost and GST)
  • Analysis/Design/Implementation costs (to be determined by Prequalified Street Light consultant)


For Review:
Minimum of four weeks for feasibility review

For Design & Installation:
Dependent on prequalified consultant/contractor hired by BIA

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