18 Street S.E. Adaptive Bike Lane pilot project

Project overview

An adaptive bike lane pilot project is being implemented on 18 Street S.E. in response to concerns heard from community residents about traffic and safety.

  • 18 Street S.E. will be reduced to a single lane of traffic in each direction between the pedestrian crossing north of Quarry Park Boulevard and Rivervalley Drive S.E.
  • This pilot will be in place from Friday, August 19 through Monday, September 12.
  • During this pilot, we encourage all road users to be mindful when sharing this space with one another.

About the project

In response to concerns raised by both the Riverbend Community Association, advocating on behalf of the community, and from local area residents an Adaptive Bike Lane project is being piloted on 18 Street S.E. to try to mitigate the following traffic and safety concerns:

  • High traffic volume on 18th Street and excessive speeds, vehicle noise and safety concerns for pedestrians and cyclists
  • High volume and speed of cyclist commuters on the Carburn Park pathway

The 18th Street Adaptive Bike Lane pilot takes an innovative approach by:

  • Providing separation between people travelling on different modes at different speeds while improving safety, predictability, and comfort.
  • Reducing the width of the road for general traffic, encouraging slower speeds and making 24th Street a more desirable alternative for vehicle commuters travelling through the community.
  • Providing safer options for families and children to use active modes of travel (skate, scoot, bike) in the neighbourhood without impacting sidewalk traffic for pedestrians.
  • Having a dedicated bike lane to make 18th Street a more desirable route than the Carburn pathway for commuter cyclists, thereby reducing volume and speeds through the park and improving park user experience.

Next steps

The City is examining options for permanent traffic calming measures on 18 Street S.E. through the next City budget cycle (2023-2026). There was a desire to address these concerns more immediately, using resources and options currently available.

This pilot project is a step in the larger conversation on future, more permanent treatments to address the concerns raised by residents in the area. We look forward to starting a conversation about how we can rethink our roadways to make them more accessible for all community members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why a bike lane?

Bike lanes are becoming an inclusive part of emerging city policies around the world.  Calgary is continuing to explore how these changes can be implemented effectively within our communities.

For more information regarding The City’s Pathway and Bikeway plans, please visit: pathway-and-bikeway-plan-what-we-did-report.pdf | Pathway and Bikeway Plan (calgary.ca)

Why is this only a three-week trial?

A three-week trial provides sufficient time to evaluate traffic and community impacts. We are able to study the impacts of the pilot during weekends and weekdays. Citizens can provide feedback on 18 Street S.E. Adaptive Bike Lane pilot project (calgary.ca).

What about school bus drop-offs?

The City has advised stakeholders, including bussing companies. Currently any scheduled stops within the pilot area will occur in the traffic lane. After the bus activates its safety lights, students will cross the bike lane (right lane) to the sidewalk. Cyclists using the bike lane are also reminded to be mindful of school busses operating during a.m./p.m. peak hours.

How will emergency vehicles get through?

Emergency services has been made aware of this pilot. There are still traffic lanes open in either direction.

How will this affect 24th getting backed up and drivers using other routes as cut-throughs as well as accessing Riverview Close and Riverwood Circle?

As part of the pilot traffic conditions on 18 Street and adjacent routes will be monitored.