Completed housing developments

Manchester South

Project profile

  • 132 unit 14-storey apartment tower, including 10 accessible units
  • Includes exercise room, laundry room, and a multi-purpose room
  • 70-unit 3-storey seniors residence, Peter Coyle Place, managed by Trinity Place Foundation
  • Seniors residence includes kitchen, dining areas, and lounge areas.
  • Total budget: $16,782
  • Opened in 2005

Manchester South


  • 60 unit four-storey apartment building
  • 52 two-bedroom and eight one-bedroom units, including 10 accessible units
  • Located in Ogden
  • Includes playground, underground parking, laundry room, community room, accessible building & site, and sustainable building design
  • Total budget: $13,229,000
  • Opened in 2008


Vista Grande

  • 41 unit four-storey apartment building
  • 32 two-bedroom and nine one-bedroom units, including 5 accessible units32 two-bedroom and nine one-bedroom units, including 5 accessible units
  • Located in Vista Heights
  • Includes tot lot, accessible building & site, sustainable building elements, underground parking, and laundry room
  • Total budget: $8.8 million
  • Opened in 2008

Vista Grande

The Bridges - Phase 1

  • 16 apartment units purchased through The Bridges land sale RFP process from 2 builders, Windmill Development Group and Sandlewood
  • 14 studio and 2 accessible units
  • Located in Bridgeland
  • 2 units located in Windmill’s LEED Platinum building, Vento
  • Integrated into market developments
  • Total budget: $800,000
  • Opened in 2008

The Bridges - Phase 1

Alice Bissett

  • 103-unit three-storey apartment building with a five-bedroom apartment ‘pod’ and ten 3-bedroom townhomes
  • Located in Inglewood
  • Partnership between Horizon Housing Society (the operator), CMHC and the Government of Alberta (capital funding), the City of Calgary (land and servicing), Calgary Homeless Foundation (funding), Calgary Home Builders Foundation (funding and project management), and Alberta Gaming (funding)
  • Includes accessible building, sustainable building design, tenant room, and laundry room
  • Total budget: $19.75 million
  • Opened in 2009

Alice Bissett

Completed housing developments: 1998 - 2001

The Government of Alberta re-initiated the capital funding of affordable housing​​​​​​ developments along with the Government of Canada, in 2001, when it signed the Canada-Alberta Affordable Housing Agreement.

By 2002, funding was available to non-profits, private sector organizations and municipalities through Phase One of the Affordable Housing Partnerships Initiative (AHPI).
Prior to this and despite limited resources, The City contributed $10 million to affordable housing and homelessness initiatives which contributed to the creation of 1,327 units and beds. Between 1998 and 2001, The City donated land for projects led by non-profit housing and shelter providers and such as the Calgary Drop-In Centre and the Bob Ward Residence.  

The following are some examples of the housing developments that were undertaken and completed in that period: 

Bob Ward Residence Glamorgan​

  • 60 apartments
  • Low-income and mental health
  • $935,000 City contribution
  • SCPI funded
  • Operated by Horizon Housing
  • Opened in 2003​

Bob Ward Residence

John E. Robson House, Ogden

  • 10 townhomes
  • Low-income families
  • $701,000 City contribution
  • Operated by Calgary Housing Company
  • Opened in 2000

John E. Robson House

Cyprus Greens, CFB West

  • Land donation from Canada Lands Corporation
  • 65 single family dwellings
  • Low-income families
  • $4.7 million City contribution
  • City Ownership
  • Operated by Calgary Housing Company
  • Opened in 2002

Cyprus Greens

Salvation Army Centre of Hope, East Village

  • 191 emergency beds
  • 135 transitional units
  • City contribution of land
  • Operated by the Salvation Army
  • Opened in 2001

Salvation Army Centre

Calgary Drop-In Centre, East Village

  • 530 emergency beds
  • 270 transitional units
  • City contribution of land
  • Operated by Calgary Drop-In Centre Society
  • Opened in 2001

Calgary Drop-In Centre

West End

  • 47 apartments including 1 accessible/barrier free unit
  • Single room occupancy (SRO)
  • City contributed $1.45 million to renovate and refurbish plus $750,000 from RRAP and Calgary Homeless Foundation
  • Operated by Calgary Housing Company
  • Opened in 1999

West End