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These guidelines provide information on the Home Program’s 2020 grant application.

What is the Home Program?

The Home Program, building on a successful pilot, uses a proactive, preventative approach to increase housing stability and successful tenancies for non-market housing residents. This program contributes to Calgary’s Corporate Affordable Housing Strategy, Foundations for Home objective to improve the housing system. The Home Program activities will catalyze innovative projects, support promising initiatives to achieve sustainability or be scaled up, and leverage collaborations and partnerships to reduce systemic barriers. The Home Program aims to support individuals to thrive in the right housing at the right time as they journey through the non-market housing system.

What are the four key program priority areas of the Home Program?

The priority areas within the goals of increasing housing stability and increasing successful tenancies are:

  1. Education and skill building: Increase individual’s knowledge and skills to successfully maintain and remain in a home
  2. Financial empowerment: Strengthen individual’s financial inclusion, knowledge, behaviours, and opportunities
  3. Community inclusion and integration: Increase participation, engagement and involvement of individuals with the local community, services and supports
  4. Personal growth and goal attainment: Support individuals to take an active role in reaching their goals and planning for the future

The Home Program grant

The Home Program grant aims to provide one-time funding to projects that stimulate innovative, lasting, positive changes in the housing system by advancing one of the key program priority areas.

COVID-19 Response


Although everyone is affected by COVID-19, our vulnerable populations can face added risk, challenge, and hardship. To help Calgarians living in non-market housing through the pandemic, The City is expanding Home Program eligibility to include applications for COVID-19 related projects and initiatives that contribute to improving housing stability and successful tenancies.

Some examples of these initiatives could include:

  • replacing in-person activities with virtual programming
  • decreasing social isolation through building virtual volunteer opportunities
  • scaling up services in areas like financial coaching or tax clinics
  • ensuring access to basic needs is on place through delivery or transportation services
  • incorporating equipment and signage to support social distancing and personal hygiene practices

While financial relief to cover lost wages, rent payments and utility bills are not eligible for Home Program funding, other local, provincial and federal grants are available to address these critical needs. For information on available resources and supports for economic relief, visit​​​

We recommend all applicants contact the Home Program Administrator to discuss eligibility of projects and have questions answered prior to submitting an application package. Please email​. ​

What are the requirements to apply to this grant?

  • Applications must align to one of the Home Program’s four key program priority areas (listed above)
  • Applications must be for project seed money (funds used to help start a new project or initiative, or enhance an existing project or program)
  • The budget must not be greater than $25,000
  • If the applicant is not a housing provider (i.e. the applicant is an organization that serves affordable housing residents but does not provide housing), please confirm support of the housing provider where the program will operate (if applicable). A letter of support / confirmation from the housing provider may be requested.
  • The approved deliverables must be completed within 12 months from the time the funds are awarded
(organizations may submit more than one application for consideration)

What is the application deadline for the Home Program grant?

  • Application submissions will be accepted on an ongoing basis while funds are available
  • Once all funds are awarded, the application process will close for the remainder of the calendar year

Who can apply for funding?

  • Organizations that serve people living in affordable housing within the city limits of Calgary
  • Organizations that are registered under the Societies’ Act of Alberta or the Companies’ Act of Alberta
  • Must hold $2,000,000 in liability insurance

How can my organization receive a copy of the application?

What is the assessment criteria for applications?


Applications for funding will be assessed on:

  • The project’s alignment with the Home Program’s key program priorities
  • Clarity of the project plan and activities
  • The fit between the project activities and the proposed budget
  • The demonstrated need for the project
  • The level of impact or involvement on individuals in non-market housing (applicants and/or residents)
  • The organization’s capacity to complete the project

What should be included in the application budget?

  • All direct and indirect costs should be included, as well as additional revenue sources
  • Administration support for the project (cannot exceed 20% of the overall budget) The total amount being requested from The Home Program

What are examples of eligible expenses?

  • Salaries related to project implementation, rental of space, project materials, meeting costs, office expenses, volunteer engagement and recognition
  • Capital purchases may be considered as a component to support programming

What are examples of expenses that are not eligible?

  • Ongoing or core operations, payments directly to individuals or families, academic research, religious activities, fundraising events, expenses incurred prior to approval of Home Program funding, debt, emergency funding, land, building or vehicle purchases

Who reviews and approves funding applications?

  • The Home Program funding applications will be reviewed by City of Calgary staff. Final funding recommendations will be made by Calgary Housing and approved by appropriate signing authorities.
  • Once an application has been approved, a signed grant agreement between the successful applicant and The City of Calgary will be required, and any required documentation will need to be received by The City of Calgary prior to fund disbursement.

What are the reporting requirements?

  • Successful grant recipients will be required to submit the final reporting requirements within 30 days of the project end date. A template will be provided to funding recipients. Where applicable, a focus on outputs and storytelling will be accepted.
  • Final reporting will include a financial report of how the funds were distributed, list of partners, outcome and/or output measurements, representative spotlight stories, and lessons learned
  • Grant recipients may be asked to include a participant satisfaction survey (where applicable).
  • Any project that has not completed the final reporting requirements by December 31, 2020 may be asked to submit a project update to support The Home Program’s year end reporting requirements.

How does my organization submit an application for funding?

  • Complete the 2020 Home Program call for funding application and budget document
  • Email complete application package to

    Note: Only electronic applications will be accepted. If support is required, please contact The Home Program Administrator at​