52 Street transit improvements project

Project Update – March 2022

Crews have installed all of the permanent signs along 52 Street that are needed now that construction has wrapped up for the project. This construction season there will be some minor work to complete including asphalt and concrete repairs, but traffic disruptions will be minor. 

At 52 Street and Mahogany Gate S.E. crews have added the new yield sign at the right hand turn lane for westbound to northbound traffic, and we will be back in the spring to paint the permanent line markings in the intersection.

Project Background

The City of Calgary will be making improvements along 52 Street to improve transit service between the communities of Saddletowne and Seton. The 52 Street Transit Improvements project will benefit the current Route 23 and BRT Route 302, and also build important enhancements for a future Transit MAX line that will run along 52 Street.

The improvements give buses priority travel along 52 Street, which means fewer delays to Transit Riders, and will also include some intersection improvements, and pedestrian enhancements along 52 Street. The designs do not include removing any vehicle lanes to accommodate the improvements for Transit.

The 10 intersections where The City will be making improvements are: 

What are the transit improvements along 52 Street?

Transit signal priority

Traffic signals along the route will be modified to provide an extended green signal when buses are approaching.

Bus Queue Jumps

Queue jumps are reserved for buses at signalized intersections. Buses enter their own lane and get an advanced green light before other vehicles at the intersection, allowing them to get ahead of traffic and avoid congestion delays. Calgary already has a number of transit queue jumps, including MAX Orange and MAX Teal. 

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Project budget

As part of The Province’s Municipal Stimulus Program, The City received $12.3 million in funding to design and build transit improvements on 52 Street in 2021. The project was one of 15 projects put forward to The Province, and funding was announced in early December.

The project budget for design and construction will be $14.3 million, which includes provincial funding, and developer contributions.


  • Spring 2021 – Design
  • June 2021 – construction start
  • End of 2021 – construction complete

Intersection improvements

Project budget

$14.3 million

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