6 Street S.E. Underpass Functional Planning Study

The 6 Street S.E. Underpass Functional Planning Study explores the requirements for an underpass that will align with 6 Street S.E between 9 Avenue and 11 Avenue S.E., under the CP Rail line. Through the study, we will design a plan that includes access management, pedestrian and bicycle accommodation, right-of-way requirements, lane configurations, and a bridge design assessment.

This alignment provides a north-south link between East Village and the Rivers District. As described in the Rivers District Master Plan, infrastructure in this area also supports The City’s objectives for revitalization and densification of the city centre. Finally, it will provide a needed connection for future development, including the BMO expansion and the proposed new Event Centre.

Background and considerations

In 2019, preliminary work was completed for a 5 Street S.E. alignment, where representatives from The City of Calgary, Calgary Municipal Land Corporation (CMLC), ENMAX, and adjacent landowners and stakeholders worked to identify and discover the scope and feasibility of the project. A decision was made in November 2021 to transition the work from the 5 Street S.E alignment to 6 Street S.E.

Input from Public and Stakeholder engagement completed for the Rivers District Master Plan and Beltline ARP was used as an information source, and input collected from area stakeholders and citizens was used to inform the first phase of the 6 Street Underpass Project.

Next steps and what to expect

We know that there are many constraints in the area, including property and utility conflicts. The project team will work directly with impacted stakeholders to confirm the scope and feasibility of the project, and balance the needs of each stakeholder group, including internal City business units.

In Summer 2022 we expect to be able to share more information about the preferred design and the Functional Planning Study recommendations. Once the plan and preferred design are complete, the City of Calgary team will move forward with construction.


  • Feasibility Study: Complete (2019)
  • Utility Designs: Summer 2022
  • Preferred Plan and Design: Fall 2022
  • Anticipated Construction Start: 2023

* Updates will be provided regularly, and dates may change without notice.  


$900,000 - This budget includes the Functional Design only. The budget required for construction will be assessed once designs are complete.

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