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14 Street N.W. and 7 Ave. N.W. intersection upgrades and pedestrian bridge closure

Upgrades to improve accessibility for pedestrians crossing 14 Street N.W. at 7 Avenue N.W. will be made during the summer of 2020.

The pedestrian bridge that crosses over-top of 14 Street N.W. at 7 Ave. N.W. has reached its lifespan and needs to be closed and demolished.

Due to space limitations and issues with traffic striking the bridge on occasion, the decision has been made to not replace the overpass bridge. Instead, a fully-signalized at-grade crossing, that is accessible to all users, will be installed at this location during the summer of 2020.

The pedestrian bridge will remain open and in-use until the signalized crossing is complete in late August.

To improve safety and consistency along the corridor for all road users, the speed limit on 14 Street N.W. from 8 Ave. to 19 Ave. N.W. is being permanently reduced to 50 km/h from 60 km/h.

Traffic impacts

  • Permanent speed limit reduction along 14 Street to 50 km/h
  • Rotating lane closures throughout the project
  • Full road closure (overnight) for demolition of the pedestrian bridge 


The budget for removal of the pedestrian bridge, new signals and completion of the at-grade crossing is estimated at $575,000.

Frequently asked questions

Why is the pedestrian bridge being removed?

The pedestrian bridge at 14 Street and 7 Avenue N.W. is in poor condition, is 61 years-old and has exceeded its 50-year design life. As a result, The City has scheduled it for removal this year. The current bridge design does not meet today’s engineering codes, is not universally accessible and does not have adequate vertical clearance, resulting in repeated over-height strikes which have further damaged the bridge.

Why is The City not building a new pedestrian bridge?

Due to budget and land constraints, the decision was made to remove the bridge and upgrade the street-level crossing at 14 Street and 7 Avenue N.W. with a fully signalized intersection. A bridge replacement meeting current accessibility standards, could not be constructed at this location without additional land being acquired by The City due to the length of the ramp structures.

Are there any special features that will make this new intersection safe for pedestrians crossing 14 Street N.W.?

The City is building a traffic signal that is recommended for pedestrian crossings with the road volume seen on 14 Street. To further improve safety, the speed limit has been reduced to 50 km/h on 14 Street from 8 Avenue to 20 Avenue N.W.  

Motorist compliance with traffic signals is very high because drivers can easily see the lights and recognize the risk of running a red light. Similarly, it is easier and more comfortable for pedestrians to judge when to cross if the traffic is stopping for the traffic signal versus a crosswalk with vehicles approaching at various speeds in multiple lanes. 

All road users still need to be careful at signalized intersections and watch out for others, so they can help to keep themselves and others safe. 

Will the intersection have improved lighting?

Yes, additional lighting for night-time operations are being included in the signal design.

What is The City going to do about traffic congestion on 14 Street NW and short-cutting?

The City will closely monitor the signal operations and traffic in the area and respond with appropriate measures to minimize impacts to 14 Street N.W. and adjacent communities.  

Traffic signal timing has been designed to minimize congestion and coordinate with the adjacent signals to the south along 14 Street and can be adjusted if required based on issues identified during initial monitoring.  Measures to reduce short-cutting may include turn restrictions which can be enforced by our partners in traffic safety from the Calgary Police Service Traffic section. 

Why is the speed limit not being lowered to 30km/hr along 14 Street near the school?

The City of Calgary only installs Playground/School Zones in accordance with the Alberta Guidelines For School and Playground Zones and Areas. Following the national and provincial standards enables the City to maintain consistency and ensures we are using best practices that produce the safest results. 


This project will begin on July 1, 2020 with completion on or before August 30, 2020.

  • Early July - Signal work and speed limit reduction signage placed
  • Early July to late August - Construction of signalized at-grade crossing
  • Mid-August - Removal of pedestrian bridge