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5 Avenue flyover rehabilitation project

The 5 Avenue flyover was constructed in 1972 and is a six-span structure crossing over the Bow River. The flyover carries four lanes of traffic and is one of the primary routes out of downtown Calgary.

Inspections of the 5 Avenue flyover have identified corrosion which is affecting the structural capacity on a portion of the bridge. As a result, a section of one of the lanes on the bridge has been closed to traffic.  Rehabilitation and repairs are scheduled to begin on the flyover in April 2021 and be completed in November 2021.

Project updates - September 1, 2021

Traffic Impacts

The west lane on the bridge will be permanently closed with additional weekend closures scheduled as needed.  As this could include three-lane closures on the weekends, motorists should expect significant delays and plan an alternate route.

Why are there lane closures on the bridge but no one is working?

Bridge rehabilitation projects involve removal of deteriorated concrete and replacing with new concrete.  To ensure the new concrete obtains strength, it needs to cure with as little vibration as possible.  If you see a lane closure on a bridge but no one is working, it is because we are allowing the concrete to cure with as little of traffic vibration as possible.

Traffic Impacts

There are lane closures in place and the speed limit has been reduced to 30 km/hr.

April – November 2021

Lane closures will rotate depending on which stage of the project is being executed. In general, two lanes will always be closed by construction.

Special configurations where three lanes will need to be closed is also anticipated. This will only be implemented on weekends and will be communicated in advance.

Traffic conditions near the flyover will be monitored and traffic signal timings will be adjusted to reduce delays as much as possible. Motorists are asked to pay close attention to all traffic control devices in the project area, particularly the 30 km/hr reduced speed zone on the flyover.

Project scope

The scope of work will include both improvements to the structure of the flyover as well as pedestrian upgrades. This includes:

  • west and median traffic barrier reconstruction to meet current code
  • girder strengthening
  • concrete repair of deck and girders
  • expansion joint replacement
  • paving of the flyover
  • widening the sidewalk on the eastside

This project will improve conditions for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians and make the area safer for all modes. This includes widening the sidewalk and raising the railings, so they are at the right height for cyclists.

Project timelines

  • April 2021 · Construction Start
  • November 2021 · Construction Completion

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