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Request a new marked crosswalk or pedestrian light

The City of Calgary determines which type of crosswalk treatment is appropriate for a specific location based on the Transportation Association of Canada’s (TAC) Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide (3rd Edition). Learn about the different crosswalk treatments used in Calgary.

To determine the appropriate treatment for a specific location, pedestrian crossing evaluations consider many factors, including:

  • pedestrian crossing volumes,
  • pedestrian demographics,
  • proximity to the nearest traffic control device (traffic light, overhead flasher, RRFB, etc.) to ensure adequate spacing between devices, and
  • crossing distance, speed limit, and traffic volumes.

This ensures the equitable distribution of budget resources and that devices are placed where they are needed. Locations are prioritized for installation each construction year, based on available budgets.

Completed pedestrian crossing evaluations

Completed pedestrian crossing evaluations have the below possible outcomes:

  • A crosswalk treatment is planned for installation. The type of treatment planned for installation will be noted on the searchable list below: Signed and Marked Crosswalk, RRFB or Overhead Flasher, or Traffic Signal.
  • Under Review: This location is currently being reviewed to see if a (and what kind of) crosswalk treatment is needed.
  • Upgraded Treatment Not Recommended at this Time: A new (or changes to the existing) crosswalk treatment is not recommended at this time.

Pedestrian crossing evaluations


Request a new marked crosswalk or new pedestrian lights