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17 Avenue S.W. construction project

Accessing 17th Ave: 17 Ave S.W. construction


Access all your 17th Ave S.W. destinations no matter how you travel. Sidewalks are open, transit buses are running, and there's lots of parking nearby on the neighboring streets and in the local parkades.

On Transit


Bus stops and routes are temporarily relocated to the 14th Avenue S.W. and 15th Avenue S.W. one-way streets, or 16th Avenue S.W. while construction is underway on 17th Ave S.W.

Catch the #2, #6, and #7 bus on the 14th Avenue S.W. and 15th Avenue S.W., one-way streets, or 16th Avenue S.W. between 14 Street and 8 Street S.W. People traveling by transit can still access 17th Ave S.W. destinations via sidewalks in the construction areas.

Stage 2 routes (Phase 2-5)

C-Train Access

The train will get you downtown and then it's just a short walk to 17th Ave S.W.

The Blue Line and the Red Line take you to Calgary's core. From there, it's only a six-minute walk south to 17th Ave S.W.

By Car


In this area of 17th Ave. S.W., between 14 Street S.W. and Macleod Trail S.W., people driving can still use the 14th Avenue S.W. and 15th Avenue S.W. one-way streets to get to their destination, along with 16 Avenue S.W.

Take advantage of the on-street parking on neighbouring streets and at nearby lots and multiple parkades.

Sidewalks on 17th Ave S.W. are open through construction.

Parking nearby:

Find parking in the area on Google Maps.

On Foot


By Bike

Sidewalks are open, so you can walk to your destination on 17th Ave S.W. and enjoy the storefronts and services.

When walking to your destination on 17th Ave S.W., the sidewalks are open, whether you're walking from your car, home, transit or bike. Enjoy your time on the Ave.

Sidewalks and intersections will also remain wheelchair accessible.

If you're riding your bike to 17th Ave S.W., there are bikeways that will you get there.

People riding bikes to 17th Ave S.W. and the area can enjoy bike lanes on 14th Avenue S.W. and 15th Avenue S.W., between Macleod Trail and 12 Street S.W. There is also a protected bike lane (cycle track) on 5th Street S.W., from the downtown core to 17th Ave S.W. Farther north, there is a protected bike lane (cycle track) on 12th Ave S.W., between 11th Street S.W. and Macleod Trail.

On the blocks that are under construction, we may need to remove or relocate bike parking depending on how much space we have. On those blocks under construction, you'll find most bike parking closer to the intersections.

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