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42 Avenue S.E. Complete Streets project

Project update - May 11, 2021

Construction to rebuild the sidewalk, the driveways and the concrete curb along 42 Avenue S.E. between Cleveland Crescent and Blackfoot Trail S.E. is currently underway. Additional work is taking place along 12 Street S.E. south of 42 Avenue S.E. to construct a new pathway, driveways and the sidewalk along this corridor.

The remaining work for this project, including completion of missing sidewalk links on the north side of 42 Avenue S.E., completion of the multi-use pathway along 12 Street S.E., from 42 Avenue to 46 Avenue/Highfield Crescent S.E. and final landscaping, will be completed this year. Construction will continue through Summer 2021 with scheduled completion in Fall 2021.

Construction of the multi-use pathway and accessibility ramps along 42 Avenue S.E., from 1A Street S.W. to 12 St. S.E., was substantially completed in 2020 and the majority of the pathway is open for public use. Pathway connection points at the CP Rail crossing near 1 Street S.E have been temporarily filled with gravel, and will be paved in 2021.

During construction, we will aim to complete the work while maintaining access to businesses and for walking, wheeling, and driving across 42 Avenue S.E. and 12 Street S.E.; although, lane, pedestrian, or wheeling access may be temporarily reduced in some areas in order to provide sufficient safe space for construction.

Our goal will be to complete work while minimizing impacts for the duration of the work and we thank you for your patience throughout the construction period.

See the postcard below for information on safe pathway practices for people walking, wheeling and driving:

About the project

The City is improving accessibility and connections to key destinations for people who walk, bike and take transit along 42 Ave. S.E.

The new facilities will:

  • Provide improved access to the 39 Avenue LRT station, the future Green Line Highfield Station and other public transit locations along the corridor.
  • Improve safety and comfort along the avenue
  • Create travel connections between the Elbow River and the Bow River.
  • Link to destinations such as the Calgary Food Bank and local businesses including 10 craft breweries within a 7 km stretch.
  • Eliminate sidewalk gaps and missing links that currently exist in the sidewalk network.
  • Improve accessibility along the corridor for all users.
  • Not impact the number of vehicular lanes or access to businesses.
  • Connect to a new multi-use pathway on the north side of 42 Avenue west of Macleod Trail, with connections to Stanley Park, and to a new multi-use pathway on the north side of Highfield Blvd S.E.

Project design

Why are we doing this project?

42 Ave. S.E. connects to important destinations including Stanley Park, the food bank, industrial parks, LRT stations, and local businesses. It is important that The City provides transportation options that allow people to walk, bike and take transit as efficient ways of travel.

This 2.25 km section of roadway currently lacks continuous and comfortable facilities to walk or bike on. With businesses popping up in this traditionally industrial area and the construction of the Green Line on the horizon, there is a new demand to improve accessibility and connectivity for people who walk, bike and/or take transit.

The complete streets project will provide a key east to west link as well as convenient access to transit stops, the Calgary Food Bank and the many local businesses along 42 Ave.

Project Area


Funding for this project comes from one-time capital funding to invest in growth areas within developed communities, approved as part of the 2019-2022 Service Plans and Budgets. $5.5 million was directly allocated to improve mobility along 42 Avenue's streets and pathways, and other priority pathway connections as a result of the numerous letters and a collection of over 400 signatures in community support presented to Council.


During public engagement for the 11 Street S.E. Corridor Improvement project, Calgarians identified 42 Avenue S.E. as an area for improvement due to its connections to important destinations.

42 Avenue S.E. was also a case study in Step Forward (The Pedestrian Strategy approved by Council in 2016).

Project timeline


  • Spring – Winter 2019: COMPLETE


Summer 2020: 

  • Construction tender; 
  • hire contractor; 
  • plan/schedule construction

Summer – Fall 2020:

  • First phase of construction of multi-use pathway along 42 Avenue S.E - COMPLETE

Spring and Summer 2021:

  • Final phase of construction of multi-use pathway along 12 Street S.E., 
  • Missing sidewalk links on north side of 42 Avenue S.E. and final landscaping.
  • Reconstruction and upgrades of concrete pedestrian islands, ramps and sidewalk at intersections at 42 Avenue and Blackfoot Trail S.E., Macleod Trail S.E., as well as at 12 Street and 46 Avenue S.E.

Fall 2021:

  • Project substantial completion

* Construction is dependent on weather, site conditions and timing of other projects in the neighbourhood. Updates will be provided regularly, but dates may change.

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Plans and strategies

We are committed to providing a safe, reliable and efficient transportation system that supports all modes of travel.

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