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East Central Complete Street Network

What's New

Construction on Phase 1 is now complete.

Phase 1

The City of Calgary made improvements to several streets in East Central Calgary to safely accommodate all travel modes. Complete Streets provide safe, efficient transportation options for all modes of transportation regardless of age, physical ability or income level. They provide transportation options that allow people to walk, cycle and take transit as efficient ways to travel.

There are several signed bicycle routes in this area, but little physical infrastructure.

Throughout the year-long public engagement process, The City collected feedback about the project including bicycle routes and facilities, and intersection and pedestrian improvements. The public helped The City identify two east-west bicycle routes and one north-south route, to make up the network.

Due to limited funding, The City phased construction, beginning with Phase 1 in 2017.

Phase 1 – overall improvement plans





North-South (detailed): Marlborough Way N.E. / 40 Street S.E.

Marbank Drive N.E. to Fonda Close S.E.

Fonda Park to 18 Avenue S.E.

East-West (detailed): 8 Avenue S.E. / 10 Avenue S.E. (Barlow Trail S.E. to 52 Street S.E.)

Barlow Trail S.E. to 37 Street S.E.

37 Street S.E. to 52 Street S.E.

Parking use and changes

Parking has been removed in some locations and shifted as needed to accommodate the overall improvements.

The project team carefully considered several factors when deciding how to balance the needs of all stakeholders. The City understands parking loss is difficult and decisions about changes to roadways in established neighbourhoods often involve challenging trade-offs.

Phase 2 - Complete Street improvements

Phase 2 will be constructed when funding becomes available, and will include a second east-west route on Marlborough Drive N.E. / Maidstone Drive N.E. (between Penbrook Drive S.E. and Barlow Trail N.E.) and 8 Avenue N.E. / 5 Avenue N.E., west of 36 Street N.E. Phase 2 also includes the extension of the Phase 1 bike lanes east on 8 Avenue S.E., from 52 Street S.E. to Penbrooke Drive S.E.

East Central Complete Street Network Phased Construction

East Central Complete Street networks

Project overview

The City of Calgary is working to accommodate growth and make our city more liveable by providing transportation choices. Walkable and bikeable neighbourhoods contribute to creating vibrant, healthy communities.

This project will improve safety and mobility for all users:

People walking

  • Improve pedestrian crossings and curb ramps
  • Improve safety by reducing vehicle speeds

People driving

  • Improve road markings
  • Improve and/or manage congestion
  • Reduce speeding and collisions
  • Make the road more predictable

People biking

  • Combination of on-street bike lanes and shared spaces for bicycles and vehicles
  • New paved pathway connections, multi-use crossings and bicycle ramps
  • Provide cycling connectivity within neighbourhoods, to businesses, the pathway system and City Centre

People taking transit

  • Improve waiting areas

Public engagement & communications