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Active and Safe Routes to School

Active and Safe Routes to School

Monthly Update: June - Bike month

Did you know? June is Bike Month! Kids under the age of 14 are allowed to ride on the sidewalk, but that doesn’t mean they are required to.

Be sure to remember that people of all ages and abilities are sharing the road.

That includes people walking, cycling or driving and everyone is required to follow the rules of the road.

The Active and Safe Routes to School Program partners with Ever Active Schools to help increase the number of students and families choosing Active School Travel. Active School Travel is a national program that promotes the use of human-powered, non-motorized transportation modes for trips to, during, and from school, including walking, cycling, scootering, skateboarding, and using a wheelchair.

Over three years, Ever Active Schools will work with approximately 30 schools in Calgary to develop and support the implementation of unique school travel plans that are specific to participating schools and align with the curriculum. School Travel Planning is a proven approach that supports students in using active travel on their school journey and contributes to healthy, active living.

What is the School Travel Planning process?

The School Travel Planning Process focuses on Comprehensive School Health: an internationally-recognized and effective approach for building healthy school communities that can be used to improve health, education, and social outcomes for children and youth. School Travel Planning has six basic components:

  • Project set up, 
  • Baseline data collection, 
  • Action planning, 
  • Implementation, 
  • Follow up data collection.

ASRS School Travel Planning follows the Canadian standard School Travel Planning Toolkit, which includes step-by-step instructions to support you in implementing School Travel Planning in your community. You do not need to be a part of the Active & Safe Routes to School Program to implement these ideas!

To get more people choosing active, safe and sustainable modes of travel, the school travel plans will incorporate the five E's:


Teaching and learning about the benefits of active school travel


Partnerships and services supporting active school travel


Physical changes to the environment


Healthy School Policy; work with Bylaw & Calgary Police Services


Assessing the impact of any changes or projects

2019-2020 Participating Schools

  • Calgary Islamic School (OBK Campus)
  • Captain Nicola Goddard School
  • Dr. Martha Cohen School
  • Ecole La Mosaique
  • Ecole Notre Dame de la Paix
  • Manmeet Singh Bhullar School
  • New Brighton School
  • Rideau Park School
  • St. Isabella School
  • St. Theresa of Calcutta
  • William Reid School

How to participate

If your school is interested in joining the Active and Safe Routes to School Program, reach out to us through 311 and we can provide you with more information on how to get involved.

Getting started

Have you had problems with jaywalking, blocked crosswalks, congestion at bell times, or other concerns around getting students to/from school safely? 

Encourage safer habits

Share these messages with your school and community:

Additional City of Calgary resources and services: