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Permanent traffic monitoring stations

The City operates a number of permanent traffic monitoring stations, which collect traffic volumes 365 days of the year. The newer stations also collect vehicle speed and vehicle classification.

The Average Annual Weekday Traffic (AAWT) is the number of vehicles passing a permanent traffic monitoring station in 24 hours on an average weekday in both directions. The AAWT conversion factor is used to convert the volume on a particular day to a volume indicative of the average day.

Each station listed below contains the AAWT and conversion factor by day, month and year, and the number of days of data used in each calculation. Provincial permanent traffic monitoring station data are also listed here.

2019 AAWT

2018 AAWT

2017 AAWT

2016 AAWT

2015 AAWT

2014 AAWT

2013 AAWT

2012 AAWT

2011 AAWT

2010 AAWT

2009 AAWT

2008 AAWT

2007 TEST