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8 Ave SE corridor improvements

About the project

The City has been working with the Inglewood Community Association on a plan to improve the 8 Avenue S.E. corridor. These improvements will help to reduce cut through traffic and vehicle speeding, as well as, improve pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle safety along the corridor.

To develop a corridor improvement plan, The City collected data on people who walk, cycle and drive in the Inglewood community. The City also used technical information and collected feedback from the Inglewood residents and stakeholders. The corridor improvement plan was presented to the community at an event in early March, 2020.

Phil Levson, President, Inglewood Community Association provided positive feedback on the plan to improve the corridor:

"Many citizens in Inglewood have expressed an increasing concern about the safety of pedestrians and cyclists using 8 Avenue S.E. We have been able to positively engage in a thoughtful and well executed process and collaboration with City staff over the last year to build a very solid traffic calming plan for citizens who use 8 Avenue S.E."

Changes to 8 Avenue S.E.

To execute the plan, we are implementing the following changes to 8 Avenue S.E:

  • Installing a traffic calming curb extension and wheelchair ramps on the west side of 8 Street to improve the safety and connection to the Bow River Pathway.
  • Installing traffic calming curb extensions and wheelchair ramps along the southeast and southwest corners of 9 Street, 11 Street and the southeast corner of 14 Street S.E.
  • Installing a traffic circle and a traffic calming curb extension on 13 Street S.E. with new crosswalks and wheelchair ramps to make crossing the street easier.
  • Installing speed humps between:
    • 11 Street and 12 Street S.E.
    • 12 Street and 13 Street S.E.
    • 13 Street and 14 Street S.E.

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Anticipated benefits to people travelling in the area include:

  • Reduced speeds of vehicles and cut through traffic in the community
  • Shorter crossing distances for people walking at intersections
  • Helping with sightlines at intersections for all modes of travel
  • Improve walking and cycling connections in the community

Construction during COVID-19

Construction is scheduled to begin this summer 2020. It will take approximately four to six weeks to complete.

At this time, we continue to work with citizens and our employees to help limit the spread of COVID-19. The delivery of essential services including City construction projects is continuing as long as it remains safe to do so.

Throughout construction, we will be monitoring the situation and making adjustments as needed to ensure the health and safety for those working on the project. All construction is weather dependent and it will be scheduled to minimize impacts to businesses and traffic.

More information will be shared here as it becomes available. Thank you for your patience and cooperation during construction.


Why are these changes being made?

The changes along 8 Avenue S.E. will improve the safety, access and mobility for people who drive, walk and cycle in the Inglewood community. In addition, adding the improvements will help to reduce vehicle speeds and cut through traffic along 8 Avenue S.E.​

Will parking be impacted along 8 Avenue S.E.?

Some on street parking stalls will need to be shifted along the south side of 8 Avenue S.E. where The City is installing traffic calming curb extensions at the intersections.​

Will the construction impact access to businesses?

The City's project team will work directly with any affected business owner to minimize construction impact to their business operation prior to the start of the construction activities.​

What do traffic calming curb extensions do?

Traffic calming curb extensions are typically a reconstruction of the sidewalk at an intersection to extend into the roadway, resulting in a narrower roadway width.

Traffic calming curb extensions reduce pedestrian crossing distances while improving visibility for both people walking, cycling and driving at intersections.

What does a traffic circle do?


A traffic circle is a small raised island at a residential street intersection. It requires all traffic to drive counter clockwise around a centre island.

The design of a traffic circle slow vehicles to approximately 25 km/h to 30 km/h when driving through the intersection. As a result, the frequency and severity of collisions at an intersection is reduced.

What is a speed hump?


A speed hump is a paved mound raised approximately 80 mm and is the same width as the street.

It is designed to reduce vehicle speeds to approximately 30 km/h. It is a gentle transition for slower moving vehicles, but is uncomfortable for faster moving vehicles and it is easier for people cycling to pass over than a speed bump.

How do I report a safety concern?

If the safety concern is a medical emergency, call 911. For all other questions or concerns, please call 311.​​


Contact 311 and the Community Traffic team will respond to your questions.

Stay informed

This webpage will continue to be updated as the project progresses, so please check back for updates.

Project Timeline

Finalize Design

  • Fall 2019- Spring 2020


  • Hire contractor: Spring 2020
  • Construction: Summer 2020
  • Project completion: Fall 2020

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