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Erin Woods traffic calming project

Project update - September 2020

Good news, Erin Woods. Traffic calming construction in your community is almost complete.

Construction at the remaining locations is expected to occur in October:

  • Erin Park Drive at Erin Meadows Court SE (south side)
  • Erin Woods Drive at Erin Grove Bay SE (west side)

Although construction is always weather-dependent, we anticipate completing the Erin Woods traffic calming project this fall.

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2020 Construction plans

  • All remaining temporary traffic calming curbs installed during the pilot phase will be made permanent (see map for locations).
  • During construction, local traffic will continue to be able to move through the area, but there may be some minor temporary changes while the work is being done. 
    • At most of the construction locations, The City will need to temporarily close one vehicle travel lane while crews are putting in the permanent curb extensions.
    • A small number of locations may require a detour for a short period of time while utility work is required in the roadway.
  • Relocation of two utility vaults to build permanent curb extensions.
  • Improving pathway connections to Erin Woods Park at Erin Woods Boulevard and Erin Woods Drive S.E.

Check this page for updates on construction progress.

About the project

In 2015, a community traffic issue identified by the Erin Woods Community Association was selected for a traffic calming project. The City collected data on pedestrian safety and vehicle speeds in the community. Based on the number of locations identified, Erin Woods was selected for a traffic calming project and to pilot new traffic calming curbs throughout the community.

City staff worked with the Erin Woods Community Association residents to develop a traffic calming plan to address concerns regarding the safety of people walking and cycling throughout the community and to reduce the speeds of drivers. This included placing temporary traffic calming devices in the roadway and two phases of community engagement.

The pilot ended in the fall of 2018. Using community feedback, data collected throughout the pilot and technical information, an updated traffic calming plan was created. As with the traffic calming plan for the pilot, the updated traffic calming plan will improve the safety of people travelling through the community. The traffic calming plan for the end of the pilot was presented to the community of Erin Woods at their May 2019 Annual General Meeting. The City is now implementing the updated traffic calming plan.

After construction, anticipated benefits to the Erin Woods community include:

  • Safer for pedestrians crossing intersections in the community.
  • Making sharing the road among people biking, walking and driving a safer and more predictable experience.
  • Reduced speeds of vehicles in the community.
  • Better access to enter the Petro-Canada gas station for westbound vehicles on Erin Woods Boulevard.

Frequently asked questions

About the project

What do curb extensions do?

Curb extensions reduce pedestrian crossing distances while improving visibility for both pedestrians and motorists at intersections. This increases the likelihood drivers will stop for someone waiting to walk across the road.

Curb extensions are used in locations where pedestrians are less visible to drivers when waiting on a sidewalk to cross the road. 

The corner radius of an intersection is increased by a curb extension, so that drivers must slow down to make a right turn. The extensions also prevent drivers from using a parking lane for passing and to alert them to changing road conditions.

Why isn’t the median on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. changing?

Throughout the pilot, the community shared concerns about people driving into oncoming traffic to access the Petro-Canada gas station at Erin Woods Boulevard and 36 Street S.E. We explored many options to correct this issue and investigated our files to determine why this median was extended in 2005.

The removal of the “No U-turn” sign located on Erin Woods Circle S.E. just west of 36 Street S.E. provided the best solution. With the sign removed, drivers can perform a legal U-turn to access the gas station.

Based on the information that we found, the median was extended in 2005. There were several collisions that occurred between drivers turning left to exit the gas station and drivers travelling eastbound on Erin Woods Boulevard S.E. The extended median prevents these collisions from taking place. If the median was shortened, it is likely that these types of collisions would reoccur.

Residents asked if we can open an entrance into the gas station from the parking lot of the adjacent condo development. The condo lands are private property, not public property, so we cannot provide an entrance to the gas station via their parking lot.

Always remember to report any traffic-related violations to the Calgary Police Service.

Why is The City narrowing the road?

​Some of the roads within Erin Woods are very wide, which encourages drivers to travel at speeds faster than the posted speed limit. When drivers travel at higher speeds, it reduces the safety of people walking and cycling and driving in the area.

Bike lanes narrow the road so that drivers use it as a two-lane road, as originally intended. Curb extensions help encourage drivers to travel at or below the posted speed limit, especially when turning right through an intersection.

Why can't speed bumps or speed humps be installed on Erin Woods Drive to encourage drivers to reduce their speed?


​Speed bumps or speed humps can only be installed on a road that does not have buses or emergency vehicles travelling regularly on the street. Erin Woods Drive S.E. is a destination route for both emergency vehicles and transit. Therefore, speed humps or speeds bumps cannot be installed on this road to encourage drivers to slow down.

For more information on what traffic calming devices can be installed on certain streets in Calgary, visit Section 4.1 of The Traffic Calming Policy​.​

Why can't The City install flashing beacons next to the crosswalk close to Erin Woods playground?

The City of Calgary determines which type of crosswalk treatment is appropriate for a specific location based on the Transportation Association of Canada's (TAC) Pedestrian Crossing Control Guide (3rd Edition). To determine the appropriate treatment for a specific location, pedestrian crossing evaluations are completed. During these evaluations, many factors are considered, including pedestrian crossing volumes, pedestrian demographics, proximity to the nearest traffic control device (traffic light, overhead flasher, RRFB, etc.) to ensure adequate spacing between devices, and crossing distance, speed limit, and traffic volumes.

Based on The City's evaluation results, the crosswalk close to Erin Woods playground does not meet the requirements to install flashing beacons. Visit Request a new marked crosswalk or pedestrian light​ to learn how The City determines appropriate devices for crosswalks on streets in Calgary.​

About construction during the COVID-19 pandemic

Is construction still proceeding during the COVID-19 pandemic?

The Province of Alberta has said construction projects and services required to ensure safe and reliable operations of critical provincial and municipal infrastructure is still considered an essential service. As such, The City will be proceeding with a number of transportation infrastructure projects as planned.

Safety continues to be our top priority. Throughout construction, we will be monitoring the COVID-19 situation to ensure City contractors are adequately protecting those working on active construction sites and ensuring safety plans are aligned with Alberta Health Services. Every effort will be taken to minimize disruption to residents and businesses during construction

What are City contractors doing to ensure construction sites are safe for workers during COVID-19 pandemic?

City contractors who are working on construction projects are being asked to update their safety plans and guidelines to align with recommendations from the Province of Alberta and Alberta Health Services. Individuals companies may have their own safety requirements that go beyond what has been recommended from Alberta Health Services.

All contractors at all construction sites must have a health & safety plan that is being implemented that meets occupational health & safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory considerations for physical distancing and PPE.

How do the construction workers practice physical/social distancing (ensuring six feet apart) to prevent the spread of COVID-19?

Construction sites are currently exempt from restrictions put into place by the Province of Alberta and are able to have more than 15 workers on a work site as long as they are following all public health guidelines, including physical distancing measures.

Employers must

  • self-assess and find alternate ways to organize large group meetings
  • cancel workplace gatherings of 15 or more people in a single space (such as training events)
  • employ mitigation strategies to limit risk
  • continue business continuity planning to prepare critical operations for any potential interruption

Source - Government Alberta exemptions to gatherings and physical distance

In instances where work is required that doesn’t able to allow for workers to maintain physical distances, workers may work at a distance closer than 2 metres. However, risk mitigation strategies to prevent the spread of COVID-19 must be implemented and followed.

Source - Alberta Government- WorkPlace Guidance for Business Owners

Will I see anything different at a construction site during COVID-19, i.e. workers wearing masks?

The City uses different companies to perform construction activities, all contractors at all construction sites must have a health & safety plan that is being implemented that meets occupational health & safety guidelines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

When passing different construction sites, you may see slight differences in how construction crews operate.

Will construction work still be completed on time during COVID-19 or can I expect delays?

Every effort is being made by The City to maintain construction milestones and schedules. Any change to the construction schedule will be communicated to adjacent residents, businesses and other stakeholders.

Questions about traffic calming?

Snow clearing

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