Mayor's Environment Expo: Post sessions

2021 Mayor's Environment Expo

Session recordings

Simon Jackson: Opening and Keynote Address

Simon Jackson founded the Spirit Bear Youth Coalition at the age of 13 and, across two decades, helped build a movement of more than six million young people to help save the rare white Kermode or spirit bear on Canada's west coast.

By sharing his story, Simon hopes to pay forward the lessons learned from the campaign’s successes and failures and provoke a deeper understanding of why thoughtful stewardship of our environment matters.

He aims to inspire and remind us that each day we help author the history of our generation; that one person, armed only with a passion, can take hold of a cause and change the world.

Alberta Environment & Parks - Aquatic Invasive Species K9 Program

Explore the Environment & Parks Aquatic Invasive Species and Conservation K9 Program

Learn what you can do to prevent the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species. Diesel, one of the Conservation K9s, will be joining in to share what he does and will do a demo to show how much he loves his job!

Alberta Environment & Parks - Bow Habitat Station

Deck Out a Trout

Dive into Alberta’s waters and swim alongside fish as they navigate the murky depths of environmental change.

Be ready to get creative as we enter into a fin-tasy land and brainstorm imaginative ways to help fish adapt and overcome environmental challenges.

In this session, students will explore the impacts of their own actions on local ecosystems and their impact on the long-term health and survival of Alberta’s fish.

Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation

Climate and Creatures

Join the Alberta Institute for Wildlife Conservation to explore how Alberta’s animals are impacted by climate change, and how we can help our wild neighbours cope with the challenges to their survival.

Climate and Creatures - Pre and Post Presentation

Blitz / City Nature YYC: Documenting Urban Flora and Fauna Using iNaturalist

This workshop introduces students to iNaturalist - a social platform for learning about and sharing flora and fauna observations with naturalists around the world.

Have you ever come across a flower or an animal and wanted to know what it is? iNaturalist is a tool that can help you to identify it!

At the same time, you will be helping to map out where and when organisms exist, which can aid in conservation and research about biodiversity around the world.

This tutorial will give you all the necessary skills to become a community scientist and use technology in the wild to document the natural world.

iNaturalist data is not only useful for professional scientists but can be used for your own research projects about flora and fauna.

Observing Nature Using iNaturalist

Calgary Region Airshed Zone: We Affect Air Quality, and Air Quality Affects Us

Join us and learn about how our actions affect air quality and how air quality affects us. Take a look at Calgary’s air quality; how do we compare to the rest of the world? How do our actions in our neighbourhood, at our schools and in our city affect air quality? How can we change our habits to protect our air? We will finish the program with a 15-minute fun Kahoot session!

City of Calgary Parks: Bee Friendly

Did you know that Calgary is a designated Bee City?

Learn about what a pollinator is, how to identify one and why they are important.

Join us to learn what all the buzz is about and how you can become a polli-neighbour!

City of Calgary Environmental and Safety Management: Climate Change in Calgary

Climate change impacts all of us. It’s a complex challenge that can seem overwhelming, but the solutions don’t have to be!

This presentation, delivered by members of The City of Calgary’s Climate Program team, will explore what climate change means for our city and our people.

This session will explain how The City is preparing for climate change risks and impacts and will empower students to take action on climate change.

City of Calgary Parks and Recreation: Mobile Adventure Playground

Check out the City of Calgary Recreation’s Mobile Adventure Playground and all its wonders.

You may call it loose parts play – but we call it Adventure Play. This workshop is designed around how you can make your own playground involving a variety of reused household materials and loose parts such as wood, tires, duct tape, rope, cardboard and some other surprises.

Take this unique opportunity to let your students really get creative and just PLAY!

City of Calgary CEMA: The Ready Squad - Emergency Preparedness for a Changing Climate

CEMA’s The Ready Squad - Emergency Preparedness for a Changing Climate

Weather related events are intensifying due to climate change.

These events include: tornadoes, floods, drought, extreme heat, winter storms and summer storms.

There are actions you can take to keep yourself, your family and your community safe! In this workshop students will analyze different disaster hazards and their connection to climate change, learn various actions they can take to increase their safety and discover ways to share the important message of emergency preparedness.

Through hands-on activities, students will be equipped with the knowledge, awareness and skills to feel confident and prepared for disasters and emergencies in Calgary.

Ready Squad - Opening Instructions

City of Calgary Waste and Recycling Services: Waste Reduction: The Power of Meaningful Action

Waste Reduction: The Power of Meaningful Action

We know “reduce” is the most important “R” for dealing with waste, but what does it really take to achieve waste reduction? This interactive session will tackle how to challenge limiting beliefs and empower students to go beyond recycling. 

City of Calgary Water Resources: Elbow River Partnership and the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society

Fire and Water: How Wildfire Affects Calgary’s Source Watersheds and Beyond

Students will get an opportunity to learn about the concept of watersheds and how land use activities affect the health of aquatic ecosystems.

They will gain insight on how activities within the Elbow River and Ghost River watersheds affect the immediate area and ripple downstream to Calgary and beyond.

This live, interactive presentation will examine how wildfire can affect water quality and quantity – a key risk identified in the City of Calgary’s Source Water Protection Plan. Presenters will show how water chemistry can be altered after a wildfire and how climate change amplifies wildfire potential.

These topics will culminate with actions students can take at home, while recreating on Crown land, and exploring future careers.

This session is offered by City of Calgary Water Resources, Elbow River Watershed Partnership and the Ghost Watershed Alliance Society.

CPAWS Southern Alberta

Wild Wellness – It’s in YOUR Nature

Ever wonder why the world just feels better if you’re outside? Time in nature, or ‘Vitamin N’, makes us breathe, think and feel better; but don’t take our word for it! Join CPAWS Southern Alberta for a dose of nature play and mindfulness, and let Mother Nature convince you herself!

Go Go Water Rangers!

Learn about the importance of water, wetlands and watersheds by taking a virtual journey down the Bow River.

Along the way, you will meet many wetland friends that teach us what is happening to our local waterways.

Learn how you can help our wetland friends by becoming a Water Ranger today!

YYC Young Citizen Scientists: Pollinators

Become a pollinator scientist with this fun-filled and interactive citizen science program.

Discover what pollinators are, explore why we need them, and hone your bug identification skills.

Then, go out and take action to help our threatened flying friends.

In the end, you too will be a certified citizen scientist!

Ghost Watershed Alliance Society

Against the Current: The Story of Westslope Cutthroat Trout in Alberta

By looking at threatened westslope cutthroat trout as a local case study, students will understand how human activities affect ecosystems and how these impacts are monitored and assessed.

In this live, interactive session, students will be introduced to the biology of this native trout species, the threats to its survival and a summary of federal and provincial recovery efforts.

Real world examples of restoring fish habitat in the Ghost Watershed will be showcased.

Westslope Cuthroat Trout

Green Calgary - Worms Love Leftovers: Lifecycles, the Needs of Animals and Using Worms to Create Compost!

Worms Love Leftovers – Lifecycles, the Needs of Animals and Using Worms to Create Compost!

Dig into the amazing world of worms! We will discover what worms need to survive, including what they can and cannot eat.

We will look at how worms help to recycle organic waste and turn it into healthy soil. This workshop will include close-up videos of worms so we can see worms at different life stages.

Be prepared to get moving and see if you can move like a worm!

Nature Calgary (Calgary Field Naturalists Society)

Nature Calgary - Birding 101: Calgary’s (un)common birds and where to find them

Birds are easy to find and fun to watch! Often common birds are overlooked when going outside to explore, but these birds can tell us a lot about our environment.

Join Nature Calgary as we (re)introduce you to Calgary’s birds and where to find them. This interactive talk will show preferred habitats, foods and cool behaviours that will help you spot and identify more birds from your backyard to forests and wetlands.

We will also zero-in on common species and key field marks to look for – all with the aim to help you identify birds. Plus, we’ll give you tips on how you can become a citizen scientist right from your own backyard!

This fun, fast-paced talk will leave your students wanting to head outside to find these birds for themselves.

Teacher Guide and Worksheets

Prospect Human Services: Introduction to Geocaching

Geocaching is a real-world outdoor treasure hunt, using GPS-enabled devices.

Through this live-stream session, students will have the opportunity to learn about the exciting world of geocaching and how they can get involved.

Students will also learn about online resources, such as, and become familiar with related safety and environmental regulations, discovering how to geocache safely and respectfully as we continue to navigate toward a new normal.  

Optional Materials: A smartphone or GPS device and an adventurous attitude!

Parks Canada

Banff National Park: A Beary, Berry Good Day

How do you know if an animal is a pet or if it’s wild?

What can you do to keep people and wildlife safe in Banff National Park? Discover Parks Canada’s #WildlifeRules through the story of Ursa, a young grizzly bear who goes on a “beary” big adventure.

This session includes an illustrated wildlife talk, a storybook reading and a Q&A session.

Parc national Banff : Une « baie » bonne journée

Comment distinguer un animal de compagnie d’un animal sauvage?

Que faire pour assurer la sécurité des humains et de la faune dans le parc national Banff? Familiarisez-vous avec #LaLoiDeLaFaune de Parcs Canada en découvrant le récit d’Ursa, une jeune grizzli qui vit une « baie » grande aventure.

Cette séance comporte une causerie illustrée sur la faune, la lecture d’un livre d’histoires et une période de questions-réponses.

Banff National Park: Howl We Know About

Have you ever wondered how biologists study animals that avoid humans, like wolves?

Take a virtual tour live from Banff with a Parks Canada expert to discover how and why we study these amazing animals.

We will explore the technology we use for wildlife conservation, predator/prey relationships, species interactions, and how you can help wolves thrive in Banff National Park.

Parc national Banff: En parlant du loup

Vous êtes-vous déjà demandé comment les biologistes étudient les animaux qui évitent les humains, comme les loups?

Faites une visite guidée virtuelle du parc national Banff en compagnie d’une experte de Parcs Canada pour découvrir comment et pourquoi nous étudions ces animaux fascinants.

Nous explorerons les technologies employées pour la conservation de la faune, les relations prédateurs-proies, les interactions entre espèces et les mesures que vous pouvez prendre pour aider les loups à prospérer dans le parc national Banff.