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Lower Sarcee Feedermain - Water Infrastructure Project

The Lower Sarcee Feedermain project is the construction of a new 6 km feedmain that will help provide safe, clean and reliable drinking water to new and existing communities in Southwest Calgary. 

A feedermain is a large-diameter pipe that conveys water from one reservoir or pumping station to another.

The route will run along James McKevitt Road SW from 162 Avenue SW to the Southwest Calgary Ring Road corridor, east along the corridor to Sheriff King Street SW and then south along Sheriff King Street SW to 210 Avenue SW.

Timeline (summer 2020-fall 2022)

The project will be built in two parts.

  • Part one is anticipated to run from late 2020/early 2021 to Fall 2021.
  • Part two is scheduled for 2022 with completion in Fall 2022.

The project is currently in the detailed design phase or part one. To complete this phase, we need to finish investigative work, including geotechnical drilling and hydrovac excavation.

Geotechnical drilling is used to identify soil properties that helps determine which construction methods and materials should be used.

Hydrovac excavation is a non-destructive method of digging quickly and safely exposes underground infrastructure. This helps us confirm the pipe alignment and design details.

Project update - July 2020

From Aug. – Sept. 2020, we will be working to determine soil conditions at four sites on James McKevitt Road SW, Sheriff King Street SW and the green space south of Stoney Trail SE.

Work at each site will take approximately one day.

  • This work will help determine the construction materials and methods to be used.
  • Some of this work will take place in the roadway.
  • Work sites on the roadway will require the closure of approximately 100 metres of a single northbound lane to accommodate equipment and crew.
  • We are working with Roads to determine the traffic plan, however, two-way traffic, and access to businesses, will be maintained.

Proposed geotechnical drilling and hydrovac excavation locations

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Project map

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