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Shaganappi Pump Station construction project

Project overview

The Shaganappi Pump Station supplies drinking water to over 200,000 Calgarians. It's Calgary’s largest pump station and a vital piece of our drinking water system.

The current pump station is 40 years old and needs to be replaced. The pumping and electrical equipment is obsolete so the station can no longer be effectively maintained.

A new replacement pump station will ensure that safe drinking water is available to Calgarians for decades to come.

We are moving the Shaganappi Pump Station from the northeast corner of the Bowness Road N.W. / Shaganappi Trail N.W. intersection to the vacant land between the ‘Park and Bike’ lot and Montgomery View N.W.

We selected the new site based on a number of factors including:

  • Ability to connect to the feedermain network
  • Available land
  • Cost
  • Operational needs
  • Ease of construction

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Rendering of the new pump station
Shaganappi Pump Station Rendering
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Pump station project map
Shaganappi Pump Station Project Map
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May 2019 - Spring 2022

Minimize disruptions to residents, businesses and park users:

  • We will provide advanced notice and signs for any detours
  • We will not interrupt water service
  • We will monitor construction to maintain City standards

Pathway detour

The existing pathway connection from the Bow River Pathway to Bowness Road N.W. is closed for the duration of construction. The pathway detour is open.

Additional temporary parking

The triangle parcel of land immediately southwest of the Edworthy Park parking lot has been converted into temporary parking for the duration of the project. Part of the additional parking is reserved for the contractor (to keep the existing parking lot available for public use) and about 17 new parking stalls are available for the public.

Riverside parking closure – Fall 2021

The fenced Riverside parking lot currently used for overflow parking will be closed for approximately three months in the Fall of 2021. This closure is needed to connect the new pump station to the major transmission lines underneath the parking lot.

The closure will be communicated in advance and The City will work with businesses and residents to minimize impacts, such as providing alternative parking.

Overall construction area
Overall construction area
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Temporary parking Shaganappi Parking Map
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Frequently asked questions

What is a pump station?

Pump stations are part of our drinking water system. Treated drinking water moves from the city’s two water treatment plants through large diameter distribution mains. Water moves via pump stations to maintain system pressure and fill storage reservoirs throughout the entire city.

The system feeds through smaller water mains to homes and businesses and the communities of Airdrie, Chestermere and Strathmore.

Because pump stations are vital to our drinking water system, we considere them critical infrastructure. For this reason, we equip them with emergency back up pumping capabilities in the case of unforeseen events such as a major power failure.

The current pump station uses natural gas engines for back up pumping. The new station will use a natural gas generator that is efficient, flexible to operate and safer.

Why can't the existing pump station be updated?

We design our systems with a certain degree of redundancy to allow for maintenance activities or repairs, as well as, to prevent water supply outages.

Because of the size and location of the Shaganappi pump station, a long-term water service interruption is not feasible. Seasonal constraints and the scope of work only allow for a short period to switch from the old station to the new one.

The old pump station will be taken down and demolished.

Why was this site selected?

We selected this site based on the following:

  • A review of the existing feedermain network
  • Available land
  • Cost
  • Operational needs
  • Environmental factors

Due to the closeness of the existing major south feeder (1950 mm diameter) which runs along the Bow River bank from the Bearspaw Water Treatment Plant, and the other feedermains that supply and move water, the cost to build the new station in a different place was too high.

The project team studied the area and looked at all options. This includes consulting with other City departments, as well as, the Provincial Government.

The land at the other locations is needed for future transportation projects and potential expansion of the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Based on the factors above, the selection process determined the best location for the new pump station is the vacant lot located along Montgomery View N.W.

Will businesses in the area lose their parking lot?

The current water mains run through the existing parking lot. It is the nearness to the existing infrastructure that determines the location of the new pump station.

We will work with local businesses to share the work plan and minimize disruption to parking. We will make sure any interruptions to parking are as short as possible.

The project will disrupt the green space along Montgomery View for a short time. The contractor will not compete with the demand for parking in the area.

What will happen to the access road from Montgomery View to Point McKay Crescent?

Access along Montgomery View will be open during the construction period. We will put detours in place to make sure residences and businesses can access the end of Montgomery View.

We will provide a detour access to the Point McKay Towers underground parking and Riverside businesses and services.

Will the natural gas generator make noise?

We use the back-up power generator for emergency situations only. We will operate it only in the event of an emergency and for maintenance checks.

As part of its design, it includes a hospital-grade silencer.