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Outfall repair program

Outfalls Repairs
Outfalls are exit points by which storm water leaves the pipe system and enters the river. There are more than 800 outfalls located across Calgary.

After the June 2013 Flood, The City of Calgary inspected the Bow and Elbow Rivers and Fish, Nose and West Nose Creeks for significant damages to outfalls and riverbanks.

We identified 161 outfalls on the rivers and 53 outfalls on the creeks with damage and prioritized them for repairs.

About the projects

Repairs to outfalls include removing existing vegetation, grass and shrubs from the outfall. Replacement or repair of cracked concrete aprons.

Placement of bedding gravel and rip rap will be added to provide erosion protection for the outfall and the River or Creek. This also helps to reduce turbidity. The measurement of turbidity is a key test of water quality.

Project Updates

As a part of our flood recovery work, we are repairing the following outfalls:

Completed in 2018

  • B32
  • B34
  • B36
  • B68
  • B69
  • B74
  • B75
  • B77/78
  • B79

Completed in 2019

  • E38
  • E40
  • E43
  • E54
  • E63/E64
  • N10
  • N31
  • N41

In progress

  • B119 - estimated construction August 2019
  • E40 - estimated construction July 2019
  • E63/E64 - estimated construction 2020