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Storm cleanup

If your home was damaged during the storm, please take caution while cleaning up around your property.

Garbage items

  • Wear gloves while picking up any glass from broken windows and car windshields.
  • Double-bag all glass debris and securely tie closed before putting in your black cart.
  • Watch for sharp edges and nails when picking up items like vinyl siding, broken fencing & decks.
  • These items can also be placed in your black cart along with water-logged items that cannot be salvaged like damaged carpets and household items.
  • If your black cart is full, place extra garbage bags two feet to the side of your black cart on collection day.
  • For major construction like siding removal and replacement, work with your contractor to ensure onsite disposal bins are provided as part of your quoted service.

Take to the landfill

If you have large quantities of the following items, please take them to a City landfill for safe disposal. Charges will apply.

  • Damaged siding
  • Tyvek wrap
  • Broken glass from windshields and house windows
  • Window casings
  • Damaged shingles
  • Damaged patio furniture and cushions
  • Broken patio lights
  • Damaged wood
  • Waterlogged carpet and underlay
  • Waterlogged furniture and other damaged household goods as a result of flooding

Fallen trees and yard waste

  • Leaves and small branches can be put directly in your green cart. If your green cart is full, fill paper yard waste bags, roll tops of bags closed and place two feet to the side of your green cart on collection day.

For large quantities of hail-damaged yard waste (trees, branches etc.), you can take to a City landfill for composting. Charges will apply.

What to do with other items

  • Chemicals, motor oil, propane tanks, or fluorescent light tubes – take to a household hazardous waste drop-off for safe disposal.
  • Electronics like computers or televisions – take to an electronics recycling depot.
  • Scrap metal such as pots and pans or lawnmowers – take to a City landfill or scrap metal yard.
  • Recyclables like cardboard boxes and plastic containers – put in your blue cart or take to a Community Recycling Depot.
  • Yard waste such as tree trimmings, leaves and grass – put in your green cart or take to a City landfill for composting. Charges will apply.