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Peel-off lids and food seals

How to dispose of peel-off lids and food seals

​Put peel-off lids and food seals into your black cart as garbage.

These peel-off food covers are often used on items like:

  • Single-serving pudding cup seal
  • Plastic film cover on a microwave dinner
  • Yogurt container seal
  • Peanut butter container seal
  • Fruit cup seal
  • Applesauce cup seal
  • Hummus and other dips container seal
  • Baby food jar seal
  • Resealable produce containers e.g. grape tomatoes,

Why can't this be recycled?

  • Sometimes these food seals may be made of multiple materials like foil and plastic that cannot be separated for recycling.
  • Other food seals may be a non-stretchy plastic film that also cannot be recycled.
Peel-off lids and food seals