Waste & Recycling Services defines multi-family housing as any complex with five or more residential units on a single parcel of land.

The building owner, manager or condo board association is responsible for implementing the recycling and food and yard waste programs. 

Bylaw requirements

If you are responsible for managing the recycling and food and yard waste program for your building, the Waste Bylaw requires the following:

  • Collect and provide on-site storage for recyclables and food and yard waste separate from garbage.
  • Provide enough recycling and compost containers, of sufficient capacity in all locations that they are needed.
  • Accept specific recycling and food and yard waste materials.
You must also provide instructions to residents on how to use the program:
  • Post clear signage that shows what materials are deposited in each bin.
  • Provide a list of accepted items, where they are collected and how to properly prepare and sort them for diversion.
  • Provide instructions to new tenants and to all residents on an annual basis.

On this page you will find information on how to set up a waste program that complies with the requirements and where to access support tips and resources.

Support Services

If you have questions regarding the Waste Bylaw and about a recycling or food and yard waste program in your building, we can help. Fill out the online request below or contact 311 and we can discuss how we can help.


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How to set up your waste program

Learn how to set up a waste program that complies with bylaw requirements and meets your unique building needs.

Find answers to these questions:

  • Who can provide collection service
  • What materials do I have to collect
  • How do I store materials
  • What are the signage requirements
  • How do I inform residents
Set up your multi-family waste program

Multi-family waste tips, tools and resources

Whether you are looking to set up or improve your waste program, or educate your residents, customers or employees – we have resources to help you.

Access our support resources:

  • Diversion guides
  • Signs and posters
  • Letter templates
  • Move in and move out checklists
  • Recycling and composting tips
Multi-family resource centre

City multi-family waste collection services

We offer multi-family garbage, recycling, and food and yard waste collection services in Calgary. Our waste management service features:

  • Flexible service agreements with no long-term contracts
  • Quality customer service and high standard or service delivery
  • Commitment to waste diversion and cost effective services

If you already have City of Calgary service or are interested in our services, see our multi-family collection service page.

City of Calgary multi-family waste collection services