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River flooding in Calgary

High river flow season is May 15 - July 15

The 2023 high river flow season has ended for Calgary. Daily river condition updates will return in May 2024.

Did you know?

Calgary is a dry climate, and because of our proximity to the mountains, we can experience unpredictable swings in the weather from heavy rains leading to floods to many weeks of dry temperatures and little rain leading to droughts.

Unlike floods, which can happen very quickly, droughts develop slowly over time. Calgary is most at risk of experiencing a drought from mid-July to the end of September. A drought can last anywhere from weeks to months and can evolve into multi-year droughts if the region is consistently not getting enough moisture.

To learn more about Calgary’s drought resilience, including how we monitor and prepare to respond to drought conditions and what you can do to help, visit

Flood resources

We can’t prevent flooding entirely, and it can happen quickly with little or no warning. Protecting our community and citizens from flooding is a shared responsibility – we all have a role to play.

  • View flood maps

    Know your flood risk. Search for your property on our flood mapping tool to see if you are at risk for flooding.

  • Prepare for flooding

    Take steps to reduce flood damage to your home and ensure your family knows what to do if a flood happens. Find preparation resources on this page, including guides in Traditional and Simplified Chinese.

  • Stay informed

    Sign up for e-mail alerts and find a list of flood notification resources, including City of Calgary emergency notices.

Flood mitigation projects

Calgary is better prepared today for flood events like the one in 2013. We’ve taken steps to reduce Calgary’s exposure to flood damage that have reduced our flood risk by 55%. Learn more about our short and long-term actions.

West Eau Claire Flood Barrier

Heritage Drive Flood Barrier

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