Northridge Feedermain Project

What is a feedermain?

A feedermain is a large watermain that carries water from one reservoir or pumping station to another.

Why do we need the Northridge Feedermain?

Through development, the area of Keystone Hills continues to grow. The City has a responsibility to deliver safe, clean, reliable water to homes and businesses in this area.

Where is the Northridge Feedermain located?

The Northridge feedermain starts at the Spy Hill North Pump station, along a route adjacent to Panorama Hills Boulevard N.W., Panamount Boulevard N.W., Harvest Hills Boulevard N.W. and then along the Transportation Utility Corridor to 140 Avenue. N.W.

This feedermain will help to supply water to new northwest communities. The alignment extends from the south boundary of the Transportation Utility Corridor at Harvest Hills Boulevard., north across Stoney Trail, east of 14 Street N.W.

View Northridge Feedermain Project Map

Construction methodology includes a combination of microtunnelling and open trench. It will take place in two stages:

Stage 1 - Microtunnelling (completed Q2 2019)

Stage 2 - Open Trench (completed Q2 2019 - Q4 2020):

  • Open trench excavation is the most common, and cost-effective, method of feedermain installation. It consists of excavating down to the required depth, laying the pipe and then backfilling the trench.