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Whistle-blower Program

​In May 2007, Council approved a Whistle-blower Policy and Program as part of The City's ongoing effort to support open, ethical, accountable and transparent local government.

The Whistle-Blower Program is intended to provide additional mechanisms to ensure processes are in place to prevent, detect, report and investigate any suspected acts of waste or wrongdoing.

The City of Calgary expects its staff to follow the guidelines set out in the Code of Conduct, which outlines the ethical behaviour expected of every employee. Under  the Code, City of Calgary staff must bring their concerns to their managers first.
The Whistle Blower Program is operated by the City Auditor's Office, which is an independent audit office reporting to Council. The City Auditor will ensure an appropriate, objective and impartial investigation is conducted, regardless of the alleged wrongdoer's position, title, and length of service or the relationship with The City of any party who might be involved in such an investigation.

City of Calgary employees, the public and anyone who does business with The City can report any allegations of waste and/or wrongdoing through a variety of mechanisms. Allegations can be reported anonymously and are compiled into Whistle-blower Program annual reports​.

Ways to report:
All reports to the Whistle Blower Program will be handled in confidence in accordance with City policies. You can contact the Whistle Blower Program, as follows:

Use the independent external phone line 1.866.505.5039 or the online reporting tool   operated by Clearview Connects.

Write us at:
     Whistle-blower Program
     City Auditor's Office
     The City of Calgary, #8005
     PO Box 2100 Stn M
     Calgary AB  T2P 2M5

Call us at: 403.268.3282
Send a fax to: 403.268.1558
E-mail us at:​​