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Whistle-blower Program: what to report


Whistle-blower Program: what to report?

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The Whistle-blower Program (WBP) responds to specific allegations of waste and/or wrongdoing by City of Calgary employees and those who do business with The City.

If your concern is about the Mayor, members of Council or Council staff, contact the Integrity and Ethics Office.

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Report concerns to the Whistle-blower Program.

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Examples of what to report

City Manager

Examples of what to report to the WBP include:

  • misuse and abuse of City resources,
  • any operation, process or activity where use of taxpayer funds may be inappropriate,
  • breaches of the Code of Conduct with intent to cause harm to The City or other individuals,
  • any other clearly communicated allegation of waste and/or wrongdoing raised in good faith.

City Auditor

Examples of what not to report to the WBP include:

  • allegations based on rumour, hearsay, speculation, opinion and or conclusions, without evidence, or not made in good faith,
  • matters involving decisions of Council,
  • operational decisions of City management,
  • wrongful dismissal concerns,
  • citizen to citizen matters,
  • matters which are not whistle-blower matters or which do not involve City employees or operations, or
  • issues under review through other channels (i.e. legal, labour grievances). Issues involved in another process will be delayed in assessment by the WBP until all other proceedings are done.

Before reporting

Complete information is essential for the WBP to conduct a thorough review of your concern. Before submitting a concern, review what information you have. Gather all the details useful in supporting your report.

Consider if your concern:

  • is a clearly stated allegation of waste and/or wrongdoing, reported in good faith and based on reasonable belief/grounds,
  • includes key information such as names, dates, times, locations relevant to the allegation,
  • includes any lawfully obtained evidence supporting your concern, such as photographs, correspondence, or invoices, and
  • is not made with malicious intent, solely for self-interest and/or in support of a political agenda,

Stay Involved

Consider if you are willing to have ongoing involvement in the process by responding to information requests from the WBP. Your active and continued involvement in this process can be valuable to the WBP. Ongoing communication allows us to clarify your concern and seek additional detail. Staying involved lets you track the progress of your report.

When concerns are reported online, you can maintain active communication with the WBP until the matter is closed. The WBP’s online reporting tool is operated by an independent external service. Any communication you with the WBP through the online reporting tool is automatically anonymous unless you disclose your identity to the WBP.

The WBP process

Learn what to expect from the WBP process.