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Council and Committee Agendas, Minutes and Video

Welcome to the City of Calgary's new Council and Committee Meetings agenda, minutes and video portal.

Meeting Videos

Live streaming video is available on the live webcast page. Archived video of meetings is available on this page after each meeting has been published. Select a meeting below to view the agenda, minutes and any archived, timestamped video.

To view the timestamped video, select a meeting type below, then select the meeting and the date of the meeting. Click the View dropdown and select Minutes (HTML). Click a linked item in the Minutes to go to that point in the video.


Agenda Records

Search the past 48 months of City of Calgary legislative meetings.

Agenda records search is currently unavailable - we apologize for any inconvenience. Until the issue can be resolved, please use the main search bar above and add hostname:*escribe* to your query to filter the results, eg.

autonomous vehicles hostname:*escribe*

Final Bylaws and historic Council records

Search meetings older than 48 months, as well as all final bylaws and historic Council records from 1884.

Search Older Records