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Calgary Food System Assessment and Action Plan


Across Calgary and the region, citizens are aware that food is a key part of our daily lives and plays an important role in promoting health, building communities, protecting the environment and strengthening the economy. We are making personal choices to shop locally; farmers are connecting directly with local businesses; and governments are taking a leadership role within their local food systems and are partnering with communities as they persue sustainability. 
Since 2009, The Office of Sustainability at The City of Calgary has been working with stakeholders from across Calgary to get a clearer understanding of our local and regional food system and the roles of everyone involved in it. A food assessment is a great starting point which would allow all stakeholders to better understand each other's contributions, connections and where priorities for improved sustainability exist.

With direction from Council, the Office of Sustainability established the Calgary Food Committee (CFC). Their purpose is to provide information and guidance in completion of a Food System Assessment and Action Plan for Calgary with consultancy support from Serecon Management Consulting and Altus Group.
The Food System Assessment and Action Plan evaluates the current food system, examines the range of food issues, barriers and existing assets, and provides key baseline information identifying connections and gaps within the food system. This information is supplemented by Geographic Information Systems analysis and mapping used to identify priorities and make recommendations in an action plan. The vision for this work is to create a sustainable and resilient food system within the Calgary region so that every Calgarian has access to local, healthy and environmentally friendly food.

CalgaryEATS! A Food System Assessment and Action Plan for Calgary and a Summary of the food system assessment are available along with additional documents below. For more information please visit

CalgaryEATS! FULL Food System Assessment Action Plan for Calgary May2012.pdf

CalgaryEATS! SUMMARY Food System Assessment Action Plan for Calgary May2012.pdf

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