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Bid and vendor information

The City of Calgary's Supply Management (Supply) division of the Supply business unit is responsible for the management and oversight of procurement across the organization.

All City procurement of goods and services is subject to regional and national trade agreements (e.g., the Agreement on Internal Trade or 'AIT'; the New West Partnership Trade Agreement or 'NWPTA') and internal governance in accordance with policies and procedures.

When on City property or interacting with City personnel, vendors and contractors are expected to adhere to administration policies governing workplace violence, respectful workplace, substance use and workplace smoking. At the sole discretion of The City, non-compliance may result in action up to and including termination of any procurement or contract and barring from future City business:

For more information on procurement and purchasing policies, visit Financial Administration Policies.

How to become a vendor

Bid opportunities are advertised through Merx Calgary and Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC).

The City invites any interested bidder who can fulfill the bid requirements to respond to advertised opportunities. See information on Responding to Bid Opportunities.

Vendors are responsible for staying informed of current or upcoming procurement opportunities.


The City requires vendors to prequalify for specific work categories in areas of construction and engineering and architectural services. In order to become pre-qualified, vendors must respond to opportunities for prequalification (i.e., Request for Prequalification - RFPQ), which are advertised on Merx Calgary and Alberta Purchasing Connection (APC).

Once vendor responses to RFPQs are evaluated, each vendor will be advised of their prequalification status by The City's Supply Management division.

To see and download available prequalification opportunities, see Bid Opportunities.


More bid and vendor information

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