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City of Calgary employees deliver the services, run the programs and operate the facilities that make life in Calgary better every day. If you have a passion for public service and want to make a difference in the lives of Calgarians, then come and work with us. We are committed to work-life balance and offer competitive wages, pensions, and benefits.


 Job Opportunities


Administrative/Business Serv


Job TitleClosing Date
Facility Rentals Coordinator2016/10/03


Human Resources

Job TitleClosing Date
Occupational Health Nurse2016/10/07
Return to Work Coordinator2016/10/11

Information Technology

Job TitleClosing Date
Business Analyst 32016/10/03
Management Systems Analyst2016/10/07
Management Systems Analyst2016/10/14

Labour/Operations Support

Job TitleClosing Date
Parks Gardener2016/09/30


Leisure Services


Job TitleClosing Date
Facilities Planner2016/10/04

Public Sfty/Regltry/Enforcmt

Job TitleClosing Date
Community Peace Officer2016/10/11


Job TitleClosing Date
District Technician2016/10/05
Waste Diversion Specialist2016/10/06

Social Science/Services

Job TitleClosing Date
Strategic Crime & Intelligence Analyst2016/10/04


Job TitleClosing Date
Leasing & Marketing Coordinator2016/10/03
Mechanical Inspector On-Call2016/10/14
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