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The City of Calgary is a diverse and inclusive workplace, with more than 15,000 staff delivering over 500 lines of business.  Working for The City means exceptional benefits, a defined pension plan, work/life balance, learning and development opportunities, and multiple career paths. Our ultimate goal is to exemplify our corporate vision: Working together to create and sustain a vibrant, healthy, safe and caring community.

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 Job Opportunities


Administrative/Business Serv

Job TitleClosing Date
District Administrator2014/04/24
Concession Attendant 12014/04/24
311 Business Advisor2014/04/24
Investment Officer2014/04/25
Research Assistant2014/04/27
Administrative Assistant2014/04/28
Bridge Operations Technologist2014/04/28
Business Operations Analyst2014/04/29
Coordinator of Recruitment and Bus Training2014/04/30
Administrative Assistant Corporate Services2014/04/30
Crime & Intelligence Analyst2014/04/30
Records & Information Management Coordinator2014/04/30
Administrative Assistant2014/05/01
Strategic Business Analyst2014/05/01
Senior Business Strategist2014/05/01
Supervisor, Research and Accreditation2014/05/01
Commercial Leasing Agent2014/05/02
Customer Service Representative2014/05/02
Corporate Web Communications Advisor2014/05/02
Security Advisor - AMENDMENT2014/05/02
Report Processor2014/05/05
Forensic Crime Scenes Centre Manager2014/05/09
Business Unit 311 SME Administrator2014/05/09
Customer Experience Analyst2014/05/09
Food & Beverage Attendant2014/06/20


Engineering Services


Job TitleClosing Date
Finance Coordinator2014/05/01
Business Analyst2014/05/02

Human Resources

Job TitleClosing Date
Human Resources Advisor2014/04/24
Human Resources Advisor - Wellness2014/04/28

Information Technology

Labour/Operations Support

Leisure Services


Job TitleClosing Date
Planner 22014/04/25

Public Sfty/Regltry/Enforcmt

Social Science/Services

Job TitleClosing Date
Research Social Planner2014/04/28
Community Liaison2014/05/01


Job TitleClosing Date
Heavy Equipment Technician2014/05/02
Journeyman 1 Heavy Duty Mechanic2014/05/02
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