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Property-related Products

Property Information  

​Better understand most parcel lots with one of the many City of Calgary property-related products available through the CITYonline storefront. Each report listed below offers specific information to provide the user more property insight from structure features, influences, and assessed value to taxes and local improvements levied. 

All the products are available on CITYonline. Click the linked product headers to be directed the item specific Buy Now pages.

Search for any property by one of the parcel details: parcel address, legal description, LINC, CPID, roll number or title number.


Assessment Details 

Find your property's current assessment value, property classification, taxation status or building details with the Assessment Details Report. This report also details influences (corner lot, odd shape) and features (fireplace, deck, walkout basement) of a property. The Assessment Details Report presents up-to-date City of Calgary's assessment information such as:

Basic Site Information

This product is a textual report of the property's asset, including parcel status and area, ward, community, land use, bylaw, policy, and title information for property located within the city of Calgary. Sample View: Basic Site Information Report. This item is sold on CITYonline with accompanying MapView.


Building Permits Status

Find out the status of building permits for a particular site in Calgary with the Building Permits Status. View the 10 most current permits with relevant details: parcel address, the status (whether it is completed or not) the listed contractor, the type of work and estimated value, the land use description at the time of application, application date and the expiry date.

Development Permits Status

The Development Permits Status Report provides the ten most current permits with relevant information: parcel or building address, land use, description, the decision (approved or not), the date of the decision and expiry date plus other data. It also includes appeal information, if applicable.

Envirosite Report

​EnviroSite is a property report showing a historical list of commercial and industrial users occupying a site, including the years of operation and the types of use. The report also provides the titles and author/publisher of any environmental assessment reports that have been written and submitted to The City of Calgary. Included with the searched address, EnviroSite also shows this same information for adjacent properties, within 100 metres of the site. If petroleum tanks had been used on the primary site prior to 1996, the report will confirm the number of known tanks. View samples  

MapView Report

Whether you're a mortgage broker, insurance company, financial institution, realtor, contractor, builder, or selling/buying a home, you can use the MapView Report for a complete perspective of a property and its adjoining features.

This jpeg map image of a selected Calgary property illustrates features such as parcel shape/lot lines, building outlines, utility right of ways, easements, roadways, streetlights, community mail boxes, fire hydrants and bus stops. MapView is essentially a snapshot of the property and adjacent properties and is a valuable starting point for determining a property's attributes.
How do I use MapView?

Parcel Key Cross Reference

Find out primary key and title-based information for a property with the Parcel Key Cross Reference Report. It includes such information as the legal description, title number, LINC (Land Identification Numeric Code) number, parcel address and the assessment roll number. This product lists all the relevant information to search properties through Alberta Land Titles.

Property Tax Certificate Request

Property Tax Certificate Requests processed through CITYonline are forwarded directly to the Tax & Receivable division, who provides all Property Tax Certificates. This is a summary of all tax-related charges applied to a specific property, such as municipal property taxes, penalties and arrears, local improvement charges and miscellaneous municipal charges such as weed removal, yard clean-up and snow clearing.
How are Tax Certificate Requests handled?

Property Tax Statement of Account

Determine the status of your tax account with the Property Tax Statement of Account Report. Obtain information such as assessment value, property tax levy, tax account balance owing and transactional detail such as date, type and debit or credit amounts.

PropertyView Report

PropertyView delivers oblique aerial property photography of Calgary residential, commercial, industrial and historic properties. It is an indispensable visual information asset.

PropertyView data includes three to five unobstructed aerial views of the land and structures for a specific address. Taken from a low-flying aircraft, the images include a top view taken directly above the property and several oblique aerials taken at an angle of approximately 45º degrees. The multiple views provide an unobstructed view of the land structures from the sky. Watch a PropertyView aerial photos demo Flash document.


Are you completing a real estate transaction and need to confirm your asset worth or tax status? If so, you may need the Tax Information Report.

Obtain your up-to-date tax and assessment information in this report. It includes details such as assessment value, property tax levy, tax account balance owing, tax instalment payment plan amounts, taxable local improvement values, and title information.