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Civic Innovation YYC

Civic Innovation YYC

Have you ever had an idea to improve City services but didn’t know where to start?

Civic Innovation YYC is about exploring new ways of working with us. We know you have innovative ideas that could make Calgary an even greater place to live. We want to hear them!

Wondering how to get started?

Stay tuned - we’re launching an online platform for you to share your ideas with us. We’re looking for ideas to some of the biggest challenges we face as a City. We’re committed to testing your ideas with you in order to build solutions that will make life better every day for Calgarians.

Your ideas will help shape the future of Calgary. 

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Get notified when the platform launches.

How it works

  1. 1. Submit your idea

  2. 2. Get support from the community

  3. 3. Idea review by The City

  4. 4. Idea is tested

Looking for more information? Check out our FAQ.

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