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Affordable Housing

Everyone deserves a safe and stable place to call home, but not everyone can afford one.

Our goal is to help these individuals and families in collaboration with our wholly-owned corporation, the Calgary Housing Company, federal and provincial governments, non-profit agencies and private sector developers.

People in affordable housing - in the right type of unit with the right supports and services - have greater chances to:

  • find and keep jobs
  • learn and build skills
  • be active participants in their communities

Learn more about affordable housing and Calgary's housing system.

To apply for our affordable housing program, please contact Calgary Housing Company.

Affordable housing strategy

Our annual citizen research shows strong public support for providing affordable housing to low-income Calgarians. In 2016:

  • 95 per cent rated the importance of affordable housing as very important (71%) or somewhat important (24%), and
  • 65 per cent encouraged increased investment in affordable housing.

In 2016, Council unanimously adopted Foundations for Home, a new affordable housing strategy for Calgary. The strategy's vision is to:

  • Enable a transformed housing system in Calgary, where collaboration between stakeholders drives better outcomes for individuals and communities through safe, affordable housing solutions.
  • Contribute to an increase in non-market housing supply sufficient to provide homes to a minimum of six per cent of households in Calgary, consistent with the national average of non-market supply. In 2016, meeting this standard would require 15,000 new units in addition to maintaining current supply.

The strategy identifies six key objectives over the next 10 years:

  1. Get the Calgary community building
  2. Leverage City-owned land
  3. Design and build new affordable housing units
  4. Regenerate existing City-owned affordable housing properties
  5. Strengthen intergovernmental partnerships
  6. Improve the housing system in Calgary