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Bylaws related to election signs

Updated September 30, 2015

During elections, there are exemptions for election signage that are put in place. This is through the Temporary Signs on Highways bylaw.
In order to be legal, election signs must be placed according to particular guidelines. An election sign is not legal on municipal property if it:
  • Is closer than 30 metres to any intersection.
  • Is closer than two metres from the curb or edge of the road.
  • Is placed on any traffic island or centre median.
  • Obstructs any traffic control device or creates a traffic or pedestrian hazard.
    Election Signs
  • Is attached to a street light pole, traffic signal pole or and City sign pole (except for posters).
  • Could be a hazard to either the person erecting the sign, or any member of the public.
  • Exceeds three square metres.
  • Is attached to a sound wall.
  • Is lit, electrified or inflatable.
  • Is permanently affixed.
  • Is supported by string, rope, metal stakes or wire.
  • Damages municipal property.
  • Becomes unsightly.
  • Is placed within 10 metres of a crosswalk that is not at an intersection.
  • Is placed on a fire hydrant.
  • Is attached on or within a plus 15 bridge.
  • Is erected in anyProhibited or Restricted Roadways.
  • Is not removed later than 36 hours after the polls close.
Fines for violations of these regulations range between $50 and $200. 

Related bylaws

It is important that all registered candidates who participate in an election understand and follow our Temporary Signs on Highways Bylaw. If any signs fail to meet our bylaw standards, the candidate will be held responsible for any fines assessed.
This is a brief overview of the bylaw. Please refer to the actual bylaw for more detailed information. Original copies of the bylaw are available at the City Clerk's office.

Signs on private property

Home owner's permission is required before placing a sign on their property. You are also encouraged to obtain the home owner's permission before placing a sign adjacent to their property.

Signs and parks

According to theParks and Pathways Bylaw, no person shall place a sign of any kind, commercial or otherwise, in a park unless otherwise authorized.

Filing a complaint

How to file a complaint and what happens to it

 To report a bylaw violation please choose one of the following options:

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