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Bylaws related to snow and ice

Calgary winters are more safe and manageable when everyone pitches in to clear snow and ice. While The City does its part clearing roads, designated pathways, sidewalks and other high-use public areas, section 67 of the Street Bylaw requires Calgary property owners to:

  • Remove snow and ice – down to bare surface – from public sidewalks bordering their private property within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Owners of rental properties are responsible for arranging for snow and ice removal when they reside elsewhere.
  • Remove a minimum width of 1.5 meters of snow and ice – down to bare surface – from a public pathway bordering their property, also within 24 hours of a snowfall ending. Applicable pathways are those that run parallel and adjacent to a street, with or without separation between the pathway and street (e.g. a grass boulevard).
  • Pile snow from their private driveway or walkway on their own property (e.g. front lawn). Snow from a public sidewalk or pathway may be shoveled onto another public property, such as a road.

See below for further details and penalty information. Or download the Street Bylaw and refer to Section 67 for the full set of regulations for snow and ice control.

Noise exemption

Many people rely on motorized equipment to clear snow, including City crews. Noise restrictions for using such equipment are lifted for 48 hours after a snowfall ends. This means anyone is allowed to operate a motorized snow clearing device — at any time of day/night — during that 48-hour window. Outside of that window, night use is not permitted. For more information, download the Community Standards Bylaw​ and refer to sections 31.1(e) and 31.1(2).

Penalties for failing to remove snow

Property owners/occupants who do not comply with the bylaw and subsequent notices issued by The City may be subject to:

  • An invoice to the property owner from The City for clearing the sidewalk on their behalf. The cost is a minimum flat rate of $150 plus GST and an administration fee. The amount will be added to the owner's annual property tax if not paid by the invoice due date.
  • A fine of $250 to the property occupant for a first offence. Repeat offenders may be fined $500 for a second offence and $750 for a third offence and each offence thereafter within a 12-month period. Tickets issued to repeat offenders may require a court appearance. Unpaid fines will be collected by Alberta Registry Service at the time of license or registration renewal.

Reporting problem properties

Report a sidewalk not cleared within 24 hours of a snowfall ending; include address or location details. To report other snow/ice issues, please visit our Snow and ice concerns page.

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Bylaw - Snow and Ice

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Report a bylaw infraction

Report a problem property online or call 311.

Report a problem online​​​​​​​​

Bylaw related to snow clearing

Snow and ice removal is regulated by the Street Bylaw (section 67). ). No​ise restrictions for using motorized snow clearing equipment is regulated by the Community Standards Bylaw​.

Clearing sidewalks next to bikeways

Where to put shoveled snow from a sidewalk that borders a cycle track.

Help with snow clearing

Anyone able is encouraged to be a Snow Angel for a neighbour who's away or has difficulty shoveling.

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