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Accessible Taxis

Woman in wheelchair approaching an accessible taxi ramp

On-demand taxi service is an important transportation option for people who require special assistance to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility device. On-demand service provided by taxi companies is different from Calgary Transit Access, which provides pre-arranged service to qualified, disabled customers (including those with mobility disabilities).

We’re making improvements

One of our top priorities is to improve on-demand wheelchair accessible taxi service and response times. That’s why we’re reviewing the on-demand wheelchair accessible taxi framework in Calgary.

For customers, we know you deserve the same quality service as non-accessible on-demand taxis. We are considering ways to improve on-demand taxi service to meet your needs.

For drivers, we know driving an accessible taxi is more expensive than a non-accessible taxi. We are considering different ways to compensate drivers to help improve on-demand taxi service.

Next Steps

Your input has been important throughout our review of the on-demand wheelchair accessible taxi service. Thank you to everyone who has provided input through survey responses, at Livery Transport Advisory Committee meetings, and the Standing Policy Committee (SPC) meeting on November 30, 2016. On December 19, City Council will decide whether to approve recommendations.