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Accessible Taxis

On-demand taxi service is an important transportation option for people who require special assistance to accommodate a wheelchair or other mobility device. On-demand service provided by taxi companies is different from Calgary Transit Access, which provides pre-arranged service to qualified, disabled customers (including those with mobility disabilities).

Accessible Taxi Incentive Program

City Council has approved a program to provide incentives to holders of Accessible Taxi Plate Licences (ATPL) and accessible taxi drivers. The goals of this program are to:

  • Improve service to customers requesting on-demand wheelchair accessible taxis
  • Reduce costs of purchasing and operating wheelchair accessible vehicles
  • Improve 24/7 on-demand wheelchair accessible service delivery

This program will be funded by collecting a nominal fee per-trip, which will be added to the total fare of all taxis and Transportation Network Company trips taken in Calgary. This fee will not exceed $0.30 per trip. The exact amount of the fee will be determined soon – please check back to this page for updates.

Overview of grants and incentives

Following is a summary of the grants and incentives that will be provided through this program:

 Type of payment




 ATPL Holder

 ATPL Holder

Accessible Driver

Amount (frequency)

 $1500 (annually)

 Up to $1500 (annually)

Up to $2000 (annually)



 Yes (tied to achie​ving customer service and safety criteria)

Yes (tied to achieving customer service and safety criteria)

First Payment 

Following 2019 June 30 ATPL renewal

Following 2020 June 30 ATPL renewal

Following 2020 taxi driver licence renewal (tied to birthdate)

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​