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Becoming a Transportation Network Company driver

Cars driving past the Bow building

How to Apply for a Transportation Network Driver’s Licence

To legally drive for a Transportation Network Company in Calgary, you must obtain a Transportation Network Driver’s Licence (TNDL). Visit us at our Livery Transport Services office during the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., Monday to Friday, to apply for your licence.

A Transportation Network Driver’s Licence (TNDL) costs $220 per year. In order to become a licensed Transportation Network Company driver, you must meet the following criteria:

  • You must provide proof of registration with a City-licensed Transportation Network Company;
  • You must go to the Livery Transport Services office and complete the request for a  Calgary Police Service criminal background check and pay $41*;
  • You must provide a valid Alberta driver’s licence class 1, 2 or 4;
  • You must provide proof of status to legally work in Canada. Proof of status includes: Canadian birth certificate, Canadian citizenship card, permanent resident's card or current work permit;
  • You must provide a valid vehicle registration, including a letter of authorization if applicant is not the registered owner of the vehicle;
  • You must provide valid vehicle insurance confirming proper commercial insurance;
  • You must provide proof of a Government of Alberta “Motor Vehicle Record of Inspection dated within 30 days of application.

*Please note: If you currently hold a valid taxi or limousine driver's licence, the background check we have on file fulfills this requirement*

Additionally, your provincial driver’s licence will be checked for demerit points to ensure you have received no more than 9 demerit points and that your provincial driver’s licence is in good standing.

Once all the required information has been verified and Calgary Police Service provides a recommendation for a licence, you will need to visit the Livery Transport Services office to pay the $220 licensing fee and receive a letter confirming you are licensed as a Transportation Network Company driver.