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Becoming a licensed Transportation Network Company

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How to apply to be a licensed Transportation Network Company

Fill out your Transportation Network Company (TNC) Application form and bring it along with $135 to the Livery Transport Services Office. If you have questions call 403-648-6300. Once your application has been received, an appointment with the Chief Livery Inspector will be booked to have your company’s App reviewed.

Your Transportation Network Company App must be able to do the following:

  • Calculate a fare based on the distance traveled by the Transporation Network Company vehicles and estimate the total fare to be charged to the customer for a trip;
  • Transmit to a prospective customer the rate they will be charged including any variable or surge pricing, before the customer agrees to the ride;
  • Record, at the time the ride is arranged:
    • The time, date and location where the customer will be picked up;
    • The location where the customer will be dropped off;
    • A photo of the driver;
    • The Alberta licence plate number of the car that will be picking up the customer;
    • The make and model of the car picking up the customer.
  • At the end of the trip, the App must immediately provide the customer an electronic receipt containing:
    • the customer’s name;
    • the time and date the ride was arranged;
    • The location where the customer was picked up;
    • The time and location where the customer was dropped off;
    • The total fee the customer was charged;
    • The Transportation Network Driver’s Licence number of the driver.
  • Provide real time GPS tracking to the customer capable of showing the vehicle while it is on its way to pick up the customer and while transporting the customer;
  • Allow the customer to provide feedback about the service to the Transportation Network Company that administers the App;
  • Provide a way for the Chief Livery Inspector to access the App to locate drivers while they are actively working for the Transportation Network Company for inspection and enforcement purposes;
  • Other details and regulations Transportation Network Companies must follow can be found in the Livery Transport Bylaw.

Once your App has been approved, you must pay your annual licensing fee of $1,753 to Livery Transport Services. Payments must be made in person at the Livery Transport Services office by cash, credit card (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) or debit card.