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Taxi, limousines, ridesharing

Black sedan parked in parking lot
We license and regulate the taxi, limousine, and Transportation Network Company industries. For information on our services and becoming a driver in Calgary, please visit the links below.

What can we help you with?

​Taxis & limousines                             ​Transporation Network Companies (TNCs) ​& Ridesharing
Becoming a taxi driver Ridesharing- what you need to know
Renewing a taxi licence Becoming a licensed TNC driver
Passenger safety & bill of rights Becoming a licensed TNC
Taxi stands A look at ridesharing regulations in other cities
Accessible taxis Taxi, limousine and ridesharing fares & rates
Taxi and limousine bulletins

Concerns, complaints & compliments

If you have feedback related to taxis, limousines or ridesharing, please contact us through 311: