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Taxi, limousines, ridesharing

We license and regulate the vehicle-for-hire industry, including taxis, limousines and ridesharing companies. That means making sure drivers have the right security checks, qualifications and insurance, and their vehicles have undergone mechanical inspections, so you can have a safe ride. 

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Taking a ridesharing, taxi or limousine service? Learn how you can stay safe.

Two taxis parked in a parking lot

Taxi & limousine services

Becoming a taxi or limousine driver

Cars driving down street at night

Ridesharing Companies

Ridesharing - what you need to know
Becoming a licensed TNC driver
Becoming a licensed TNC
TNC licence fee options
Taxi, limousine and ridesharing fares & rates


Cars parked outside Bow building in downtown Calgary

Livery Transport Advisory Committee

The Committee

Contact Livery Transport Services

For questions and information related to taxi, limousine, and ridesharing licences, visit our contact page.
If you have feedback related to taxis, limousines or ridesharing, please contact us through 311: