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Bylaw Services

Bylaw Services is a team that develops bylaws and enforces them within Calgary – bylaws being standards by which all Calgarians must live and abide by. These bylaws have been developed in order to help you live in harmony with your fellow Calgarians and to create beautiful and safe communities.

We believe in an education-first approach to bylaw enforcement. Through campaigns and programs, we strive to teach you about what our bylaws are and how you can lead by example, to make your community a better place.

Community Standards Bylaw review & survey

The Community Standards Bylaw promotes good neighbour relationships and better communities through the regulation of noise, weeds and grass, fire pit use, and untidy properties.  

When we spoke to Calgarians earlier this year, we learned that while most of the bylaw meets citizen needs and effectively addresses neighbourhood issues, there are some areas that can be improved.

Take the Community Standards Bylaw Review survey and provide your feedback. 

Bylaws – What you need to know

Community Standards Bylaw (5M2004): This bylaw helps us create healthy, safe and vibrant communities by addressing nuisances, such as untidy properties. This bylaw contains regulations for property owners and for property maintenance.

Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw (23M2006): This bylaw helps us ensure that cats, dogs, their owners and neighbours live together in safety and harmony. This bylaw contains regulations for cats, dogs and livestock living in Calgary.

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